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Need help maintaining weight



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    You need to work out more and be more careful with your calories. 1450 for maintenance sounds like too many calories.

    1450 calories for maintenance would be pretty low or otherwise be for someone who is not in the least active and very sedentary. On average a lightly active female will maintain on 1800-2000 calories. The only way someone is maintaining on 1450 is if they're basically doing nothing...which in and of itself wouldn't be a good thing.

    I agree. If my memory holds up, some days it doesn't, the average American woman's rmr is about 1300 calories give or take. That's before you factor activity. So, highly doubtful she is "maintaining" on 1450 calories. When you take in account doe variations in food labels and even variations in weighing and measuring, it could be on the 1800-2000 range. Then take in the "most days" statement. 1+1 does not equal 2 here... jmho... hey @cwolfman13 , has anyone heard from @Anvil_Head ?

    He got the boot

    Dang! I really liked his sarcastic sense of humor! He will be missed... 😞
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