To All the Desserts I Loved Before

I would like to hear your food related weaknesses especially nostalgia infused ones
Hear's mine: nice, chewy, spicy gingersnaps


  • MostlyWater
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    That can be very triggering for some.
  • TavistockToad
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    They're the same as the ones I love now... I just eat them a bit less often.
  • Opalescent_Topaz
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    I like almost everything in the dessert realm, unfortunately. Both grandmas made awesome desserts. Plus, my dad has quite the sweet tooth, so eating candy and getting ice cream was something that we did together. I still eat dessert, just not every night, and in moderation now.

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  • tuddy315
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    I have some kind of ice cream almost everyday. I make sure I save enough calories, etc. to fit it in.
  • Foodiemom67
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    I am a dessert lover...i don't eliminate them on my food plan but do limit the calorie and sugar filled ones..I do however make home made favorites that I healthify (?) ...there are so many recipes online that you can make OR re-do the ones you like, gingersnaps you said, so that you can have them once in awhile :)