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applejelly75applejelly75 Posts: 1Member, Premium Member Posts: 1Member, Premium Member
Hi! I wear a Fitbit, and I also excercise . I don’t know if I should add my workouts as well? Or does the Fitbit calculate for my workouts? Thank you! :)


  • Talan79Talan79 Posts: 538Member Member Posts: 538Member Member
    Some Fitbits recognize your walk, run, elliptical or bike. I only add weight lifting. If you add a step based activity or one that your Fitbit recognizes & logs, then you are doubling your workouts. That will effect your total daily burn/calorie adjustments.
  • heybalesheybales Posts: 16,773Member Member Posts: 16,773Member Member
    You are NOT doubling your workout UNLESS you pick the wrong start time (like am vs pm). In which case Fitbit then has the original calorie burn and yours again at different time.

    Fitbit is a replace-only system - you manually create a workout here on MFP (unneeded for any workout really) or manually on Fitbit (only needed for like Weights or swimming) - then Fitbit will REPLACE the stats (calories) in that same chunk of time with your manually entered info.

    Fitbit has Activity Records (sleep, workouts manually started or auto-started, manually created later) which are merely a snapshot of your stats according to Fitbit for that block of time shown.

    These are not ADDED to your daily stats - it's what is already IN your daily stats.
    If you change something in that chunk of time for the daily stats - that snapshot remains - but it's no longer correct info for whatever was replaced, like distance or calories.

    Fitbit has Workout Records (created on Fitbit or MFP or other manually and synced in) which replace something in the daily stats, and obviously show what it was. Distance, calories, steps calculated from distance (can't manually add steps).

    You can have Activity Record for a chunk of time you also have a Workout record - only the workout replaced what was in daily stats - the activity merely is original Fitbit data - same may still be valid (HR info), some may not be anymore (distance and calorie burn).

    Shoot, you can keep creating Workout Records and only the last one is actually the data in your daily stats - if the time span is the same, only the last is correct.

    @applejelly75 - you do not need to enter any workouts except those the Fitbit really has no idea about (like if left off, swimming perhaps), or estimates calories very badly on (say Weights or running intervals) because HR-based calorie burn is poor estimate.

    In which case logging on Fitbit gives better estimate of calories burned, and most like their exercise diary better than MFP.

    On MFP, merely make a wall post if you feel your friends need to see your workouts.
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