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Trying This Again...

mscatrina07mscatrina07 Posts: 42Member Member Posts: 42Member Member
So, I'm not so new to this, but I'm new to starting over and trying this again. I have to admit to not being consistent with my plan or my goals, but I woke up one day and realized that I'm doing this for myself. Suddenly it clicked and I am enjoying making healthier choices for myself, and especially how good I feel while doing it. Still, I'm looking for some encouragement here, because I know from experience that it's hard to go it alone...


  • MindySueWho1MindySueWho1 Posts: 1Member, Premium Member Posts: 1Member, Premium Member
    You can add me as a friend if you like
  • Justinrw86Justinrw86 Posts: 8Member, Premium Member Posts: 8Member, Premium Member
    Good job for deciding to try it again. I did the same thing last year. Did this for about a week and just kind of gave up on it. In February I finally decided I needed to get it under control. It’s tough starting out, but once you get a good routine it’s a breeze. Stick with it and remember a small difference is still a win. Don’t let yourself get discouraged if the number on the scale doesn’t move too much right away. Be patient and diligent and it’ll all work out.
  • JAYDENJONES78JAYDENJONES78 Posts: 16Member Member Posts: 16Member Member
  • mizzelegant97mizzelegant97 Posts: 27Member Member Posts: 27Member Member
    You're so pretty! Add me! This probably my 4the or 5the time starting over! 😣
  • foojones83foojones83 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    You can do it! I know it's hard. I'm practically starting from square one again. But when you start to see the results, or even just feel better, you remember that it's all worth it. You've got this!
  • mscatrina07mscatrina07 Posts: 42Member Member Posts: 42Member Member
    Thanks for the inspiration! I’m working at it.
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