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I'm Back!

bsanders0727bsanders0727 Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
After a very successful 5 months on Keto last year I dropped off while moving and have struggled to get back on. I didn't consider it being so hard, it was unbelievably easy for me last year. This tracking app is fabulous but I do have a question. Are the carbs calculated at net? Or gross?


  • sytchequeensytchequeen Posts: 467Member Member Posts: 467Member Member
    MFP doesn't do net carbs as far as I can tell. So, as I am in the UK and we calculate carbs & fibre differently to the U.S. all I do is make sure I use UK nutritional info and I don't have to try to work out any net carbs at all.
  • Megan_smartiepants1970Megan_smartiepants1970 Posts: 3,486Member Member Posts: 3,486Member Member
    You can download the script Greasemonkey to have your carbs do net...I am keto...feel free to look at my food diary to see what I mean ...its open too all :)
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