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Help! I’ve hit a wall. I’m practically starving myself every day and I’ve cut out carbs and sugar but I haven’t managed to lose any weight in over a week now. I ACTUALLY GAINED A POUND THIS MORNING! I’m getting married in a year and I need to lose 20 pounds before I order my dress in September. I’m super depressed today and I just don’t feel good. I would love to work out or go for a run but I have a desk job and by the time I get home at the end of the day my depression really sets in and I just want to sleep. I really need some help. Those of you with mental health issues, how did you give yourself the motivation to lose the weight? I know losing weight will help with my depression because looking at my body is one of my biggest triggers.


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    Is there a medical reason you need to cut out carbs?
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    No. I’ve just had a lot of success on low carb diets before so it’s my go-to. It lets me eat good food while still losing weight (usually)
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    Cutting "carbs and sugar" will not make you lose weight.
    You need to eat less than you need to lose weight.
    Your Calories In need to be less than your Calories Out: CICO.

    It takes months to lose an appreciable amount of weight, not "over a week."
    Your weight can fluctuate 2 pounds between morning and night of the same day.
    Weigh yourself every day and take the AVERAGE of that for the week as your "weight."
    Pay attention to the average, not daily fluctuations.

    Set MFP to lose 1/2 pound a week, weigh your food with a food scale, log your food and weight every day, and get 30 minutes of exercise at least 3 days per week.
    Do that and you could lose 10-15 pounds by September.

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    No weight loss in one week means nothing. Steady on. I have issues with anxiety and OCD and the control I get from managing my health is actually really good for my mind. However, you can’t have rigid expectations. Are you weighing your food on a food scale? Why would you cut things out like carbs if you can just log it within your goals? For example, I lost 20 lb in 4 months and would still have a whole wheat waffle, toast with cheese, a half cup of rice. It can be totally within your calorie goals. I also eat chocolate!
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    Losing weight is encouraging but it isn't a fix for everything. I lost 100+ pounds and still get depressed from time to time. Having said that you need to be patient for the weight loss. You will get lots of comments telling you that weight loss isn't linear. Take one day at a time and don't expect to lose the 20 lbs overnight. That isn't alot to lose so it will take some time because the gap between what you need to maintain and what you can cut out is small so it takes a long time to drop weight. It will come trust me. The 1 pound you gained is nothing but normal fluctuations in water/waste in your system.

    If the depression is really bad you should consider some counselling because getting the depression sorted out might help you to lose weight. Hang in there and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!
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    irotmarie wrote: »
    No. I’ve just had a lot of success on low carb diets before so it’s my go-to. It lets me eat good food while still losing weight (usually)

    and yet you need to keep dieting as you regain the weight? so maybe it isn't the best diet for you to follow as it isn't sustainable?
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    agree with the above - cutting things out doesnt always help, and even if it has in the past maybe its time to mix things up a bit.
    Just track your meals, make sure you stay in your macros and try and exercise a few times a week, whatever you can fit in. Exercise is a well known mood booster so that will help too!
    I find the more i do to move me closer to my goals the better i feel - even if its saying no to that doughnut or taking an extra lap on a walk at lunch, small steps help with positive mental shifts.
    I have just under a year to go til my wedding to so feel free to message me for support!
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    Hey - I have anxiety and BPD and I've found doing exercise in the morning, or during my work lunch break to be helpful. Yes it's awful sometimes getting out of bed when you have those days where you don't want to face the world or anyone in it, but the feeling you get afterwards is what keeps me going. Also, I find the early morning's really tranquil when I don't have to deal with people.
    When you have mental health problems, you need to find an exercise you enjoy, and you find difficult because there is a tendency for it to become obsessive and then you rely on it to make you feel better.

    Also alternate days rather than trying to be perfect everyday. It is okay to rest :)

    Typical Day for me (Tuesday & Thursday)
    6am-7am I ride my horse
    8.30 I leave for work and work a 9-6
    6.20-7 pilates. 7.30-9.30 pm ice skating.

    Typical Day for me (Monday & Friday) I get more sleep to help with the Tue/Thur wake up
    work 9-6. Horses 6-7. In bed by 9!

    Typical Day for me (Weds)
    7am-9am ice skating
    work 9.30-3
    Chill night!!! A night for myself.

    If I do too much I get exhausted. With mental health issues, just living is exhausting for some people, so don't be too hard on yourself!!

    As for the diet side- we're all different so what works for one of us might not work for you. I think any qualified nutritionist/dietician would always discourage the cutting out of specific food groups for people with mental health issues. It can have a major effect on hormones/serotonin levels etc.
    There are plenty of other foods to eat and still lose weight, sugar and carbs are not the enemy and you are going to feel drained if you try and go without them. Yes, there is truth that once you're in "keto" that the symptoms of going carb-free are alleviated, but why make yourself more miserable for weeks waiting for the keto effect to kick in?