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starting again

lizzyann50lizzyann50 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
been ill for a while with depression, put lots of weight on, taking new steps for full health..hi to you all goodd luck to all.. <3


  • Hulkfan1Hulkfan1 Posts: 397Member Member Posts: 397Member Member
    Congrats on starting over. I wish you the best and want you to know this site and it's tools are a great aid to accomplish your goals.
  • sarahfadell87sarahfadell87 Posts: 179Member Member Posts: 179Member Member
    I too am back after gaining it back☹️ Depression sucks!! But I’m glad you’re back on track!!! I’m here too. Just finished day 10 & feeling awesome😃
  • MarvinsFitLifeMarvinsFitLife Posts: 724Member Member Posts: 724Member Member
    Hang in there
  • PrincessMel72PrincessMel72 Posts: 1,095Member Member Posts: 1,095Member Member
    I am in the same boat. Welcome back!
  • swaingwswaingw Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Starting over again. Hope to stick with it this time around. Have some new motivation this time - been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, not having any of that crap.
  • gawworthingtongawworthington Posts: 1,131Member Member Posts: 1,131Member Member
    I am also fighting depression after losing my dad. I am need to lose again.... I need to find motivation too... I fill so out of it. The weather is not helping. Rainy and gloomy in my town. Supposed to help with an Easter Egg hunt in two hours.
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