Yes, another Intermittent Fasting Question

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Friends, Romans, IFers lend me your ears...those who do IF do you find it easier to eat later or earlier? For example, during the workweek, I have breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack and I'm done for the day. What's been working for you?


  • pierinifitness
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    I’m a late eater. One active IF’er at our Intermittent Fasting group here at MFP follows a 9:00 am to 3:00 pm feeding window which I’d like to try. It’s all good and there’s no rule to follow so each should determine what works for them based on their goals.
  • SageJJ93
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    I'm big on eating my calories in a one hour window (or less)! I do it usually for lunch. I love to see how long I can go and I believe it gives me a very positive experience with eating and also discipline. The rest of the time I'm chugging water. Saturday & Sunday no fasting for me so I can enjoy time with family and not stress that I "cant eat yet". Do you, experiment a bit! :)
  • kds10
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    I do on average an 18 hour fast so I eat lunch about 11:30 and finish dinner by 5:30.
  • Megan_smartiepants1970
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    I am a 16:8 IF'er I eat from noon to 8pm
  • jfowler97
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    Definitely prefer eating a little later (usually around 12). I'd much rather skip breakfast alone than dinner with friends.
  • kimny72
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    I'm always less hungry in the AM and more hungry in the PM, so when I was doing IF I skipped breakfast.