What are the best ways you’ve found to get up to 100% of your needed protein each day?

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I’m having difficulty getting all of the recommended levels of protein each day. I don’t eat red meat and I’m not a fan of protein powders. I’m just looking for ways to increase my needed protein in a healthful way from the foods I eat.


  • apullum
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    Greek yogurt is a big part of my protein intake. I buy 0% because I don't need/want the fat, but some people prefer higher fat versions. I mix mine with various things. Breakfast is Greek yogurt with PB2, chocolate protein powder (obviously you can leave this out if you don't like it), and fiber cereal.

    For a snack, I've been mixing Greek yogurt with a little sugar free pudding mix and sticking it in the freezer for a few minutes. I don't remember who here suggested it, but it's a brilliant idea.

    I am also a fan of TVP/soy curls. They're relatively low calorie/high protein. These are made of dehydrated soy protein that you can rehydrate in water or other liquid and use in place of meat. In the morning, I'll rehydrate some, drain them, and then mix them with sauce and let them marinate in the fridge until dinner. One of my frequent dinners is roasted veggies, soy curls, and sauce.
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    Fish jerky, garbanzo beans, clover greens, quinoa, smoked salmon are a few of my go to protein sources. I don’t like stevia and all protein powder I have found has it.
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    Chicken breast has a ton of protein 4 oz has about 26g. Fage yogurts have 18g. A can of tuna fish 18g. Hard boiled egg 7g. Turkey burger about 24g. Kasha go lean cereal about 12g. Sliced deli turkey at least 12g.
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    Cottage Cheese.
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    You could make a smoothie or a pudding with silken tofu.
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    So I've had the same issue, and for the past couple weeks I've been doing a Superfood Protein and Greens "shake". It has plain greek yogurt, a banana, a single scoop of powder, ice and almond milk for breakfast, with and without a cup of berries.

    Cliff protein bars have been on sale, and only have 5 grams of sugar. I have one for a snack and feel like I got dessert.

    Odwalla Chocolate Protein when I'm having chocolate cravings, and I can't take it anymore.

    I was doing sardines for months, but got burned out. They're delicious little cans of portable protein and fat. I'm doing chicken/tuna-salad sandwiches at the moment. (I batch make all the salad on Sunday, slap some on bread each morning.) I'm working my way through a mound of boiled eggs I made on Sunday.

    I've been close to/exceeding my protein goals this week, finally. I feel like it makes a big difference in the gym with my energy levels.
  • MikePTY
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    Chicken breast is about the single best food out there for protein intake.

    But other that that, cottage cheese, fish, shrimp, plant based burgers, tofu, turkey, and lower fat cheeses like mozzarella are a few options.
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    The best way to get 100 percent of the protein you need is to learn what you really need and not the mythical amounts constantly being posted here which are far more than what most people need.

    Relax because my guess is you’re getting more than enough.

    I shared my experience here recently eating a lower protein diet and I’m doing great. And, more likely than not, so are you.
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    For me lean meats (esp chicken breast), fish, seafood (shrimp), eggs and egg whites, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, cheese, also beef jerky, deli meat.
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    Eggs, chicken, rice, and sometimes supplements like protein bars or high protein box meals (probably not a good idea for those with high blood pressure they have a lot of salt)
  • missysippy930
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    110 calories
    15 g protein
    6 g fiber
    4 g sugar
    4 g fat
    Helps me reach protein goal every day.
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    what is your goal protein a day?

    research recommendations are typically .8-1g per lean muscle mass; or .6-.8g per goal body weight (so if you are 300lbs, you don't need that, you should eat protein for your goal weight)

    personally i do 135g a day - common/frequent foods - triple oikos greek yogurt (15g protein); kodiak cake pancakes (10g protein); bolthouse protein plus (it tastes like chocolate milk); fairlife milk (ultra-filtered, so less sugar and more protein)
  • Sharon_C
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    Greek yogurt
    Cottage cheese
    Protein bars
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    Hard boiled eggs (just the whites if you're only trying to get protein and keep calories low) and cottage cheese (i like to have it with raspberries)
    And i will put sour cream and salsa on just about everything i eat. swapping out sour cream for greek yogurt has saved me sooo many calories and has more protein.
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    Eat foods rich in protein. Fish, pork, chicken, greek yogurt, eggs, canned tuna, etc
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    I eat a lot of meat, plus cottage cheese, eggs. I don't have any problems getting enough protein usually.