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Some were built for...

I was built for strength and light endurance (biking, skating, swimming, etc) impact our hard endurance i just can't do it. What about you?


  • MikePTY
    MikePTY Posts: 3,814 Member
    I don't really think I was "built" for anything. I have certain strength and weaknesses. I am strong at pushups/abs, short burst cardio, and boxing. I am weak at pull ups and running. But just because I am weak at them does not mean I think I can never do them. I know now not to limit myself. With hard work I will get there.
  • firef1y72
    firef1y72 Posts: 1,579 Member
    I always say I'm built for endurance rather than speed. Although I have got faster I came virtually dead middle in overall, female and female 45-49 categories for my last marathon, so not speedy. But I can keep going for hours and recover pretty quickly too,meaning I can carry on the next day.
  • aokoye
    aokoye Posts: 3,495 Member
    I agree with MikePTY more or less. Unless we're talking about elite level athletes, I don't really think that one can easily say they were or weren't built for a specific sport. There might be some exceptions such as sports that highly favor people who are short or tall, but even then I suspect it doesn't matter a whole lot until you get to high levels of competition. Even within that scenario, there will be people who don't fit the mold who are very successful.

    Really just do what you like, even if you think your body isn't "built" for it.
  • craziirabbit
    craziirabbit Posts: 103 Member
    Partially what i mean is, bad knees and chronic low blood pressure run in the family. So there's are things that i physically wasn't built for