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Hello. Was just wondering what time everyone started their workouts. I usually go in the evening but have switch it up due to my schedule. Any advice for a 5am workout. Going to hard for me to get up that early.

Thanks :D


  • Hulkfan1
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    For years I use to go between 4:30 to 5:00 am ( I am an army vet), but I have discovered the benefits of training in the evenings also. Bare in mind that if you train in the evenings your energy levels might be a little low due to the days activities. The advantage or training in the early morning, for me, was just being and feeling much lighter because of the fasting the night prior. As long as you watch what you eat and train hard you will still get the benefits.
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    I am an evening work out person, however, I have started intermittent fasting and have been told that if I work out first thing in the morning before I eat (during the fast) that is an optimal time. Havent tried it yet, I like to sleep in the
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    That 4am alarm comes early, but I do my best to have everything I need for my workout ready the night before so I can stumble to the bathroom, throw on my workout or running clothes, and just get it done. If I have to fumble to find anything in the AM, I lose motivation quickly.

    Yes, if I had to workout early in the AM I would get everything ready the night before as well.

    I'm currently getting most of my exercise at lunchtime, outdoors, but as it gets hotter I will move that to before and after work.

    The "best" time to workout is the time that one will do most consistently.
  • Terytha
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    I'm already up at 4 for work. If I try morning exercise I'd have to be up at 2 and at that point why even go to bed.

    I work out as soon as I get home for work. Pet my cat, change my clothes, and then I have an hour or so before I run out of stamina.
  • cavefallss
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    @Hulkfan1 that is true about my energy levels being low during the evening time. I used to feel totally drained. I hope that with doing it in the early a.m. i will feel better. I just have to get used to waking up at 430/5. Not sure about just jumping out of the bed and going. I usually take some time to wake up lol
  • cavefallss
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    @quiksylver296 i can’t imagine getting up at 315am. gosh yikes. I definitely have everything payed out and ready that way i can just go out the door.
  • cavefallss
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    @fitoverfortymom do you take a bit of time to wake up at all before you start your workout.
  • COGypsy
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    I get up at 4 to leave by 5 for the gym. I've found that while I could probably sleep until 4:30, I hate feeling rushed in the morning and it just starts my day on the wrong foot. So, I get up at 4, scroll Facebook for a bit while I drink a smoothie and then get ready to head out.

    I agree with everyone else, early morning workouts work best for me when everything is ready to go the night before. My gym bag is packed with work clothes, my lunch is made and my smoothie is pre-mixed and just needs a quick buzz in the Nutribullet to remix.

    The really critical tip for early workouts is to adjust your bedtime so that you get a full night's sleep. I'm usually in bed between 8:30 and 9:00. Occasionally if evening plans go late, I'll stretch it to 10, but any later than that I'm sluggish and usually end up doing something dumb and painful at the gym.
  • ChrisCatMama
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    I’m up at 3:30 am and start working out just before 4. I grab some orange juice, feed the cat, check my family and get moving. Saturday is my rest day and that’s when I plan my workouts ahead of time.
    The tough thing about it is I have to stay up past 7 pm I’m in zombie mode. Makes for a few good laughs though. 🧟‍♀️
  • aokoye
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    My on the water rowing starts at 5am twice a week and 6:45am on Saturday. When I workout by myself I'll typically go before 7:30am.

    For me it takes making sure I get to bed at a reasonable hour given that I'll wake up at 4:20 on Monday and Thursday, making it a habit (habituation makes everything easier), and making sure I have what I need ready the night before. On the especially early mornings I'll lay out my clothes the night before so I can get out of bed and go. I know other people who sleep in their workout clothes so they just have to roll out of bed. Also if I don't get out of bed early enough I simply won't get to row. It's as easy as that. I typically don't need that external motivation, but it's helpful at times.
  • cwolfman13
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    Variable...I usually hit the weight room on my lunch break on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday..but sometimes I go after work. I usually lap swim on Tuesday and Friday around 4PM or so. I usually ride on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I don't do anything super early. I usually walk my dog around 6:30 AM on weekdays and that's about as early as it gets.
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    i workout during my lunch hour.
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    I've been going at 5am for years and love it. My biggest tip is to pack everything the night before. If you will be going right to work, pack your clothes, shoes, towel, hair dryer, whatever you need the night before. Get your food together so it's ready to grab out of the fridge. Then when you wake up, just grab everything and walk out the door. If you can go home between the gym an work, at least set out your gym clothes so you'll be ready to go when you get up. It really *is* more work and prep the night before, but when you're done with your workout, showered and ready for your day by 7am, it is an amazing feeling. You'll also be more consistent with your workouts because nothing is likely to come up and interfere before 5am. Plus the gym environment is quieter and less busy that early, so that's a bonus too. I really hope you love it! Let us know.
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    I am struggling with the times. Sometimes i go around 9am but also during the evening. I prefer de morning because I can lift more.
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    Thank you everyone for the feedback. I appreciate it. I will definitely update in the coming weeks. I’m new here so not sure how to tag everybody. Thanks again! :)
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    I have to leave for work at 4:30 am so I cannot go to the gym at 2:30am. I prefer to do my workout when I come home, even though my commute is super long and I feel like crashing on my bed as soon as I get home. I just have motivation to keep going for my goals. One day at a time :smiley: