Depressed when cutting out sweets.

My diet is fairly ok, although I should probably include more vegetables. But... My downfall is my sweet tooth; biscuits, chocolate, ice cream, cakes and the list goes on. The problem is that when I try to cut down or cut sweets out completely, I just become depressed. Life just turns grey... It is ridiculous, I'm a grown woman and I should be able to cut out this stuff, but it just seems impossible. How do you do it?


  • RachelElser
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    Can you try healthier sweets? Instead of Ice cream have a protein fluff?
  • MostlyWater
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    Maybe going sugar free isn't for you. Can you get fun sized candy bars, for example, and just eat one?
  • Opalescent_Topaz
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    What has worked for me (and I have quite the sweet tooth) is to allow myself one sweet treat per week (usually a pint of Halo Top or something). It gives me something to look forward to and I can easily make room in my calories for it. If I have sweet cravings on other days, I usually eat fruit.
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    me too - though I think the cause and effect may be in the other order for me - eating sweets sooths the depression, without them it comes front and centre.
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    Can you try healthier sweets? Instead of Ice cream have a protein fluff?

    Haha...that actually looks interestingly good :smile:

    Have you tried Halo Top ice cream
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    I had this problem and I used a mix of the previous commenters' suggestions. Eating fruit everyday curbs my sweet tooth by an impressive amount, but it takes about two weeks before I notice(I've fallen off my wagon a few times). Then when it's a legit craving I have just a small amount of ice cream, or I make myself a heathier treat - I can't stand a lot of the heathy treats on the market so I make my own. I suggest monk fruit, or if you have the processor to handle it you can make date paste to replace straight sugar in recipes.

    I had an entire crisis of "is life even worth living if I don't get to enjoy sweets?" It is doable though, and it's not even difficult once you get control of the mental hiccup.
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    i dont cut out anything...but i do everything i can in moderation...i like the fun size candies when i want something sweet but there are also a lot of healthier options if you want more than sweets...maybe you can make yourself some low carb goodies??? It's my mom's bday tomorrow and i m making her an italian cream cake..and it's going to be the sugar free healthy kind so i can have some too...shhhh dont tell her..:)
  • RachelElser
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    Can you try healthier sweets? Instead of Ice cream have a protein fluff?

    Haha...that actually looks interestingly good :smile:

    Have you tried Halo Top ice cream

    I get it sometimes but it's sooooooo expensive!
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    The new ranges of ‘thin’ biscuits are handy if you need something with your cuppa but don’t want to blow your budget.

    Also sugar free boiled sweets and marshmallows.

    Alpen Light bars are quite good for that sweet snack/treat and only 65cal.

    Aldi & Morrison (if you’re in the UK) both do own-brand ‘Halo Top’ style high protein ice creams. 1/4 of a tub for say 75-90 calories, a nice tasty treat. Far cheaper than the branded versions.
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    It sounds like cutting down on the sweets needs to happen, but I don't think you need to cut it out entirely. Just be smart about it. I'm sorry it has such a negative impact on your mood, but it will get better. Stay strong, you can do this.
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    Thanks all for your replies and good advice. I will have to try and somehow get over this sugar craving. I know if I can keep my carbs around 100 and avoid the sweet stuff, the cravings are much less after just a few days, but life just looses all color... Anyone have a clue how long the sugar withdrawal depression lasts? When I was younger, I could eat sweets in moderation, if I had to, but now it seems like it's all or nothing.
    And for some reason I can't stand the taste of artificial sweeteners 🙄
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    I had a TERRIBLE sweet tooth until a friend suggested Magnesium as a supplement. I figured - what do I have to lose?!? If my body didn't need it, I'd just 'expel' it. lol It's been a God-send! I no longer have any cravings for sweets and it's been a month. Maybe this will work for someone else! HTH!
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    Similar to Brandon Wadas, I lost 80 lb and have kept it off 3 years and I've always eaten over 100 grams of sugar and 50% carbs a day, and my blood work and health are "perfect" according to multiple doctors. Disclaimer: I also walk and run a lot.

    In the 80s people thought fat made you fat and went on low fat diets, but people still got fat.

    Now the same thing is happening with carbs/sugar, but people still get fat.

    Yes, you can lose weight both ways, but ONLY if you're happy eating that way AND if you don't eat too many or too few calories so you can stick to your diet long enough to lose the weight and not crash and burn.