Anyone else grow up in a cult?

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Obviously, if you read the title, i was raised in a cult. When i was old enough to legally leave, i did. The emotional damage it did to me was devastating. It's 14 years later and I'm still mourning the loss of friends and family who now shun me. This has led to eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and ptsd. I have extreme ups and downs with my weight and i exercise like a crazy person. It helps to ease my anxiety and quell my depression for those moments. Anyone else going through this? How do you deal?


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    I guess not.
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    Wow well your doing fantastic now.
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    I have never been in such an environment, but can imagine the impact it can have. I have met people that have been in more or less religious cults, at some point came to that realization , and then moved away from it. And after leaving it took them a lot of time to cope with the changes, and come to the reality that such groups often pass a lot of judgement on others. Sadly in most cases cults seem to be just another form of control, and can inflict a lot of pain.

    Just be glad you knew to leave when you did, and I wish you the best in coping with the impact it has had on you. I can agree that exercise often helps with anxiety/depression/PTSD. Been there when dealing with some PTSD issues years back, and the exercise was a big help for me.
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    Keep building a life you love.

    The people who shun you today are in a very dark place themselves. There is nothing you can do about that.

    I had to figure out how to forgive the past in order to actually live in the present.

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    I have no experience with cults, but by traditional standards, my upbringing was very "alternative." I didn't realize it until I was an adult and it took many years for me to become at peace with it and not blame my self or my parents.

    Welcome to the group!
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    What kind of cult was it ? :|