Surviving Cinco De Mayo, Memorial Day, 4th of July...

ArtsieSarah Posts: 129 Member
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So many summer holidays coming, so much tempting food! How is everyone going to survive and stay in their calorie limits? What are your goals to make it through all the parties and bbq’s?


  • puffbrat
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    I would treat them like I do other holidays which means 1) just shrug it off because it is only one day, or 2) log it and stay within maintenance or even in a deficit.
  • valeriemachado81
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    Grilling season can mean so much!
    Veggies, lean meats, kabobs.
    Try classics with a new twist, plain greek yogurt in place of mayo, or vinegar based dressings.
    Most of all, log it and enjoy it. Summer only lasts so long, and those s'mores aren't as good during the winter.
  • lorrpb
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    Keep the celebrations to one day, not 4 months lol! Train yourself to take smaller than usual portions especially the high calorie items.