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    Heather (((Hugs))) (((More hugs))) Maybe you could write on bank holidays? All of that emotion might spark some amazing creativity. Grist for the mill. Just sayin'...
    Janetr 8 months ago a tornado skimmed around my workplace. We waited it out in the xray room. It was really loud & over very quickly. There was lots of damage around us & one man was killed, but we were unscathed. All the years I lived in Nebraska I never had a close call like that one. I have the utmost empathy for you and your fellow Oklahomans.
    Julie Did you go to the birthday party?

    Karen in Virginia
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    Machka9 wrote: »

    A couple tips ...

    If you're talking to a certain person, try quoting them. That way they know who you're talking to and the rest of us do too. Then we might join into the conversation. :)

    If you want to attract the attention of a particular person use @bananasandoranges ... that's the @ symbol and your user name. For me it would be @ Machka9 ... without the space in between the @ and the Machka9. When you use @ and the person's user name, it sends that person a notification.

    That way, if we're busy and only have time to skim, we can go directly to the post where our name is mentioned. :)

    M in Oz


    ok thanks!
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    ✔️1. weighed in 60.1 way up ! :/
    ✔️ISH 2. tracked yesterday
    ✔️3.30 min exercise yest
    ✔️4. five minutes meditation yest
    X 5.Spend at least 2h on long term writing project yest
    X 6.produce at least 7-finished pages per day average long term yest
    X 7. Take care of at least one shorter (1 pagish) writing or administrative task/bill, (union work doesn't count) yest
    ✔️8. At least 15 min cleaning yest
    X9. At least 15 min filing/paperwork yest
    X 10.average 1100 calories net yesterday

    • Overall Feeling : not bad
    • Tracking : estimated in evening
    • Exercise : yesterday little walk in the neighbourhood plus dancing briefly at a party
    • 1100 calories net average : I think I went at least 200 over (possibly more)
    • Long term writing 2h yesterday : no
    • produce at least 7-finished pages per day average long term writing project yest (from May 25 to June 10, minus Sundays) yesterday : none
    • Short term writing/admin yesterday :no
    • Bright Spots : pleasant party. I'm a bit of a hermit when at home and often don't want to go out but it was nice. I ran into some old fellow students and other people I knew.

    Grateful :
    1.pleasant people met at party
    2. very nice sunny spring weather
    3. meeting a friend shortly to see a small exhibit and go for a walk
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  • bananasandorangesbananasandoranges Posts: 647Member Member Posts: 647Member Member
    weight is back up! :/:o:# last week I was down and didn't track, then on thurs and fri each I ate like a pack of rice cakes in the evening. yesterday I was on track but then went to a party and didn't eat excessively but nibbled a bit. I brought lots of cucumber sticks, which seemed to be a good tactic.
    I don't know if the big up today and yesterday is fluctuation after munchy thurs and fri eve or result of week of not much tracking (but I didn't eat a ton early in the week either).

    my goal was to lose a k for the month. early in the week I was doing good, down between 1.5 and .9 depending on the day. today I'm higher than I've been all month and 0.1 up from May 1.

    I need to get on track. bother!
  • bananasandorangesbananasandoranges Posts: 647Member Member Posts: 647Member Member

    @auntibk aka Barbara good for you working on your tax stuff. an hour holding ! jeeze ! I had that with the bank a couple of days ago. I was furax! (slang in France for furious).
    having a little money aside for a rainy day can really make life less stressful. thank goodness you have that. I will have some for dental stuff soon, and one of the reasons I moved back to an apartment is to avoid major housing costs. I don't know Eleanor Roosevelt's advice about feeling "less than". what do you mean about rescinding permission? (maybe that is in the quote by E.R?)

    I know you are right.

    write more later. running late
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    Still catching up but had to reply to Heather about Bank Holidays.

    Although I don't "hate" them I feel exactly like you do Heather, I feel we should be doing something special, go to the coast, but the roads will be jam packed, go out for a meal, everywhere too busy or booked up. Go into town, banks closed and most shops don't open until lunchtime everyone else if having such a good time and I am stuck at home poor me :(

    Today it's raining here too, so I feel a bit better about being stuck at home >:) but part of me still thinks everyone will be having more fun! :/:D

    Oh well, there's always housework to catch up on - lucky me!!

    Love to all Viv UK <3
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    Good morning ladies

    I usually skip breakfast, having done so for generally my entire adult life but today I made myself eggs, mushroom, onion, spinach & tomato. It was yummy but need to find something for work days when I am more rushed.

    Off to do a little shopping now & a BBQ at my sons house so I get to spend time with my gorgeous grandsons. OH is missing out as he is away on a sports training weekend. He has been selected as part of Team UK going to Warrior Games in Tampa next month. He is a service veteran with acute PTSD so I understand how important our mental health is.

    Time to get moving so take care all.

    Geri UK
  • TerriRichardson112TerriRichardson112 Posts: 8,322Member Member Posts: 8,322Member Member
    @Snowflake1968 I know what you mean about the rabbit hole of genealogy, Tracey. I spend hours following hints on ancestry. It's such a fascinating subject. It's such a joy to be able to look after young grand children and enrich their experience.
    @exermom Michele, don't stress too much about that weight. With your level of exercise, you will soon lose it again. I've gotta ask, what are Diamond Dotz? It sounds like some kind of cross-stitch project. I do cross-stitch and also prefer to do one colour at a time.
    @GodMomKim Thanks, Kim. It's a relief to know there is no permanent damage. Change is always two-edged. Glad you enjoyed the BBQ, and that you are able to continue working in the same place after the changeover.
    @grandmallie You sound so much more relaxed and happy these days. I admire your continued care for your DFiL. You have such a good heart.
    @janetr7476 That's a bit too close for comfort. Stay safe. Hope they pass you by.
    @auntiebk I am crossing everything that you FA finds the relevant document.
    @bananasandoranges Yay! You went to the party. Your list of daily goals is staggering. Before I was retired, mine would have been the same, but I awarded myself a star for each achievement and celebrated each day with 5 or more Stars. You have lots of 5⭐️ Days under your belt to celebrate. (PS: Going to the party should have got AT LEAST one star, and each of your gratitude points should be worth at least one each IMHO 😂) Also, weight fluctuations are a normal daily occurrence. So many things affect weight. I used to stress out every time my weight bounced up, until I started tracking it. These days, I tend to look at trends. If the overall trend is downwards, I don't worry about the day to day ups and downs.
    @Patchworkperson I have yoghurt and fresh fruit most mornings for breakfast, with milled flax seed. Then I have a banana mid morning. I occasionally have a cooked breakfast, usually an omelette or cheese on toast.

    Had a lovely time yesterday. Made my daily step goal, stayed under Calorie allowance, even with the caramel square I had with my coffee on our outing.

    We are 'enjoying' our usual Spring Bank Holiday weather, so most of my activity today will be indoors. We bought summer plants for our terrace containers Friday, and I'm hoping to get them all planted up.Last Tuesday, DED came to help us with clearing out the winter/spring plants, and she perked DH up no end. We have now planted up most of our tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes, and I have already had a few strawberries out of the greenhouse.

    Time to move. We are going to visit DED and grandsons after lunch.

    ☘️ Terri
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    Good morning all! Happy Sunday!
    Lisa- The landscaping looks fantastic! That is a lot of work (especially getting rid of the grass/weeds)! I hope you feel okay today! I know exactly what you mean about the "unwanted" rocks half buried in your yard. We had to dig and move quite a few at this house. My house was built on farmland, right where the barn used to be. The builders razed the barn, so we have had to dig out wood beams, rock, brick, pipe, glass, etc. We had to take the old deck apart because of wood rot and haven't replaced it. I would rather have a "stone" patio and my plan is to use the broken driveway cement (there are portions of my drive that are cracked/broken and need to be replaced) and paint/stain it and lay it down for patio, then get the driveway sections redone. (killing two birds)
    Machka- Beautiful scenery for your bike ride and DH looks happy as a clam! Fixed gear riding sounds like something I would like. I tend to stay in one gear for my bike rides. I like my legs to make fewer rotations and get the most out of every "push".
    Geri- Hello and welcome back! I remember you! Six days a week I make myself a smoothie out of greek yogurt and berries (that is all), then on Wednesdays (because that is the day I make my daycare kids pancakes) I have eggs with vegetables (usually zucchini, mushroom, and onion). Sorry to hear about your gout!
    Janetr-We don't get much tornado activity here in Michigan (and I am thankful). Glad you are okay and so sorry to hear about the death and destruction caused by the weather. :(
    Heather- Glad you are going out for your run! I am positive that will brighten your mood/day. I do get that way from time to time on holidays. But I think my mood (when it strikes me) is based on just being tired. Living in a resort town, I find my favorite time to head downtown or to the boardwalk and waterfront is very early morning. The tourists are usually sleeping in, so it is a bit quieter. I can grab a coffee and walk/sit and just enjoy the water and passers-by. I can also flip my mood by pretending to be a tourist and take a trolley ride and notice something I haven't seen before, or go into a shop I haven't been in before (which is surprisingly easy as many of the businesses only last five years or less, then change hands).
    Barbara- We always use Turbo Tax or Quick Books for our taxes. I know for a fact that when Tim is unable to do our taxes I will be going to an accountant to have them done. This bothers him, far more than it bothers me. lol I am not a math person. I know my frailties and that is my biggest! lol
    Tracey- Wow! YOu are clocking some "grandparenting" hours! It sounds like you enjoy your time with them, though! Do you usually have the kids this much?
    bananas and oranges- So glad you went to the party! I agree with what Rori said about (paraphrasing) " just go and keep in mind that whatever you feel as an obstacle or fault in yourself; others are looking at you with different eyes and are aware of their own faults and obstacles". I think bringing snacks that you can eat in lieu of unhealthier choices is very smart!

    Yesterday went well with Trentin here for 14 hours. Those last four hours he was really counting down the time, though. We went out and got the shopping and errands done. I let him pick a toy at the dollar store and he picked one of those Nerf style footballs with the foam fletching on it. We also stopped at the library for some book and computer time. AFter we got home and got groceries put a way and lunch eaten, I was going to go out and get the lawn mowed, but couldn't get the mower started due to the pull line being pulled out too far (Colin was the last to mow and he is a big strong guy who pulls too hard and has broken a mower line or two). So...Trentin and I ended up tossing that football back and forth for an hour or so. Then a bee scared him and we headed back inside. lol After dinner I was in the garage showing Tim what was wrong with the mower and we were talking about having to take it in on a holiday weekend and probably pay someone to mow the lawn; when I got the brilliant idea to grab a pliers and move a tiny bit of metal on the line. It worked! The bit of metal slid slowly up the line and the line slowly retracted into the engine! I stood up and beamed! Tim said, "Wow! I can't believe you fixed it!" I have never been mechanically inclined (I think bc it uses the same part of my brain as all things mathematical) and Tim has never been a mechanic type of guy; but I think my having to do some of the mechanical tasks around the house has made my brain think differently. It is a good, "Tawanda!" kind of feeling (Fried Green Tomatoes reference)! I will be mowing the lawn.
    Trentin arrived at 6am this morning and promptly fell asleep on the couch. His mom said he was up until about midnight or 1:00 (which figures bc he was here until 9:30 last night); so I imagine he will sleep until 10 or so. I will get my indoor chores done while he sleeps. I forgot to have his mom leave his car seat, so today he can play outside while I mow the lawn, we can head across the street to the campground and check out the playground and beach (too cold for the beach/lake), then we can end our day with a fire in the fire pit. I will get my pie-irons out and we can make some pie-iron pizzas/or pie iron sandwiches and have s'mores for dessert.

    Well, time to get busy so that I can have tomorrow to myself to do what I want. ttfn xoxoxo KJ (Kelly)
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    karen VA the toxic work environment sends a chill up the spine. You are one tough cookie, keep your eye on the goal you’ve set out and steer clear as best you can. When I get discouraged by the power dynamic (or the toxic power plays) I try to stay in touch with my work and make sure that everything else in my life gets more of my head space. About 4 years ago I got sucked in and I pulled away and focused on life outside of work, it did pass, as negative tends to spiral and circle back on the negative and positive tends to rise to the top. Stay strong and take care of yourself <3

    Barbie I am loving this weekend off from school but you are so right about the students coming back Tuesday already in summer mode!!! It is a very heightened chaotic time for the kids and the teachers. One month to go, 4 more concerts, clean up, pack up, paper work and end of year assemblies and parties—am I ringing bells??

    Today I attempt to clean up another patch in the backyard lisa I admire you doing so much yard work in one day, I’ve decided to work in small batches so I don’t give up!!!

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    Regarding fixed gear bicycles ...
    -- there is no coasting. Even if you walk beside the bicycle, pushing it, the pedals go around. And the faster you go, the faster the pedals go around. Or the slower you go, the slower the pedals go around. That's the direct drive thing at work. That means that when you go downhill, the pedals go around really, really fast.
    -- fixed gear riders say there are three "gears" ... sitting and pedalling, standing and pedalling, and walking and pushing. So when you climb hills, you stand ... or if the hills are steep enough, you walk.
    -- traditional fixed gears don't have brakes at all (no coaster brakes - the ones you pedal backward). They don't need brakes. The slower you go, the slower the pedals go around. So if you've got really strong legs, you can slow the pedals down to a stop. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't have legs quite that strong, or strong enough to do that quickly, so most fixed gears are now fitted with one brake to assist the stopping process.

    So ... I wanted Rowan to ride his geared bicycles a while before he went to fixed gear again. And then, yesterday, when he hopped on the fixed gear, I had him ride around the parking lot a few times and then come to a stop by the car before we officially headed off on our ride. I wanted to make sure he could slow and stop all right. He did just fine, and we really enjoyed the ride. :)

    Regarding holidays ...
    I love them whether I'm going somewhere or not. They mean an additional day to sleep in, an additional day to do homework, a day where I don't have to go into work, a day where I can wear my pyjamas for half the day, and most especially an additional day for me to get out and be active!! I try for 3 days of cycling in a row on long weekends.

    I also try to take an extra day off ... so if the public holiday is Monday, I might take the Friday off too. And if I do that, then we go somewhere.

    We've got a long weekend coming up mid-June (Queen's Birthday) ... weekend of June 8, 9, 10 and I'm taking the next weekend as a long weekend June 14, 15, 16. We aren't booked to go anywhere either of those weekends (yet anyway) and I might leave it like that and just rest ... and ride our bicycles if we can. But I'm hoping that at least one of those days will be mostly a stay-in-my-pyjamas-curled-up-in-bed-reading day. :)

    Maybe I like them because I'd dearly love to work 4 days a week instead of 5 ... but still get paid for 5 days of work, of course. 5 days of work week after week for ... how many years have I been doing this? ... wears on me. It's not what I really want to be doing. There are several other things I'd rather be doing. So when I do get a 4-day work week, it's wonderful!

    Machka in Oz
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    @bwcetc Beth this party was with lots of people in my field : past fellow students, teacher s or speakers from this school, or others, other people in the field at various levels. I'm actually not necessarily the most unaccomplished. I don't think I have an inferiority complex. thank you ver much for thinking good thoughts for me. I did enjoy. there were several of us of similar background and some age, so it was not bad.

    @Machka9 That's great your DH is progressing so well.

    @auntiebk Barbara That sounds positive about the tax stuff. Any new tracks?

    @KetoneKaren I did go to the birthday party. it was pretty pleasant. Why are these people getting fired and leaving? These subordinate tattletales are responsable. that doesn't speak well for them, nor for the employer who listens to and encourages that. I hope you make it another good year for the financial incentive.

    @TerriRichardson112 Terri, What do you do with the stars? LOL. last weeks the trend was downward but not sure this week, and I hadn't tracked... You are right about fluctuations. I'll wait and see how that pans out over several days. What is "Spring Bank Holiday weather"

    @KJLaMore Kelly The host didn't ask us to bring something, but it's not unusual to bring food or drink. Most people bring drink cause easier , but I brought both. Great save on the mower! Have a great fire pit meal.
  • Machka9Machka9 Posts: 15,718Member Member Posts: 15,718Member Member
    My husband and I went to our friends' house this evening ... and I learned how to make perogies!! Yummy!! I miss perogies. You can't just go to a store and buy them here.

    We also learned an option for setting up Zwift using Apple TV and bluetooth technology. Seems a lot less expensive than 2 new laptops.

    It's unusual for us to socialise so I was a wee bit hesitant, but then I thought, "why not"?

    Machka in Oz
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    Barbara AHMOD - I got goosebumps reading about your IRA distribution mix up. In my case, the 1099R they sent to me was correct but the equivalent one (not the same one) they sent to the IRS was wrong. I assumed the same computer software kicked out both but was told that they were individually keyed, hence the chance for error. The reason I turned into accounting detective so quickly is that had I not been here, my husband would have paid the penalty no questions asked. AND I wonder how many people do just that. I guess it would have been caught eventually, when the IRA really was taken as a distribution, but who's to say plus would the interest payment be reimbursed? :o

    I ended up sending the IRS a nice letter of explanation with photocopies of the 1099R I received, a copy of the bank record showing where the money was deposited (into another IRA at a different institution) AND a copy of the corrected form the bank was sending to the IRS. I think I was in there every day demanding it, lol. If they sluffed off and didn't bother sending it to the IRS, at least my rear was covered.

    We have used TaxAct for years and I really like it and they keep our old information so can do comparisons. There are lots of fairies who review and review and have warnings if anything has changed - altho the software for 2018 was different and it took me a bit to figure it out. I did pull out last year's return and went through it line for line, figured it had to be close since nothing had changed. Luckily, ours is very simple.

    - I am so glad you get tomorrow off! What did Trentin's mom do on long weekend shifts before she found you? And way to go with the lawn mower fix!!! You are a Jill of all trades, lol. I bet you could get a job with Lisa's husband if you want to move to Arkansas. B)

    Lisa - great job on the landscaping! I bet you get such pleasure looking at the finished product. It should stay that way for a long, long time. Love the stone siding on your place.

    Carol in Atlanta - I looked up your ten day weather report.... and the hot spell begins for you. Looks like the rain here is done for the forseeable future and highs in the 70's. The weather we who live in the Pacific Northwest just love.

    My DH got 2 cords of split firewood delivered a couple weeks ago. It's green alder so has to dry. He initially tarped it then the weather report said sunny and warm until he took the tarps off, then we had 2 days of rain. He's always anxious to get it stacked into the woodshed - some has to be split further. Last year we got our wood in July when it starts heating up, so I'm sure most of the moisture will get baked out by November.

    - I am glad you are pursuing some self-care. Have you ever heard of/tried Chinese patting or tapping? I found a short video on YouTube which demonstrates Qigong and Louhan Patting - I'm trying to do this at least once a day. I ordered Don Fiore's DVD which includes this - I really like his style. When I sit down to take my blood pressure, I close my eyes and visualize going through some of the Tai Chi moves with him (he has a short Tai Chi intro one) and can see quite a drop in just a few minutes:

    Karen in VA - that is so sad about your co-workers and having to work around spies like that. Adds to the tension and stress-and I'm sure there's enough of that already when a person works in the medical field. So who is picking up the slack from the fired co-workers? The spies?

    I found a new author to binge on. David Baldacci... he's along the line of Harlan Coben. A little better perhaps! Or maybe I'm just getting tired of Coben's style - though it's good, especially the Myron and Mickey Bolitar series.

    OK ladies, time to stretch and get my Qigong/patting out of the way, lol. It scares the dogs! :D

    Have a great Sunday! <3

    Cool and beautiful SW WA State

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    Kelly ... Trentin is one lucky little guy in my opinion. You provide so much more than daycare services! I can't help but think of the impact you are making in his life and, subsequently, the lives of others in the future.

    Julie ... I am glad you got through your evening!

    Karen VA ... I am finding that fasting 19:5 has taken the taboo/guilt feeling out of eating certain foods. If I want it, I eat it. Sometime slows up the weight loss, but my trajectory is still on a downward trend. As for your workplace situation, I will be praying that you get to September 2020. Those round number years make a difference I know.

    JanetR ... I have not lived in a tornado alley, but in both my previous home and current home in the northeast (near the Great Lakes) have experienced tornados near us ... some as close as a 1/4 of a mile. In the early 90s I spent way too many summer evenings under the workbench in the basement with my four year old as tornadoes swirled around us. Scary business. I'll take the blizzards!

    Barbara ... keeping my fingers crossed that your tax woes are a bank error!

    Heather ... I completely understand your feelings about bank holidays! I'm suspicious there are many who feel the same way with events that are "imposed" on us.

    Leaving to pick up my older son and take him to church with my husband and I. Then we'll head home and have a visit for the rest of the day. Not sure whether we'll have our Memorial Day picnic today or tomorrow. Depends a little on the weather.

    Beth near Buffalo
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