Calories per serving in baking mixes listed as prepared?

Hi there, I have a pancake mix and a brownie mix that I'll be making in the coming weeks. The pancake mix only requires that you add water, but the brownie mix adds eggs and "margarine or butter" as well. On both boxes it only lists the calories per prepared serving and gives a weight of roughly one brownie or pancake after they've been made.

How can that be accurate? Especially depending on the type of butter, etc. Is this going to be a reasonable estimate, or is there a better way to figure it out?


  • middlehaitch
    middlehaitch Posts: 8,454 Member
    For the brownie mix with egg and butter/marg addition those ingredients are included in the calorie count.

    The difference in calories between the butter and marg is negligible.
    ( just checked mine and both 70 cal for 10g.)

    Just be sure to use your scale to weigh out the ingredients, then when cooked your portion size.

    Cheers, h.