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The restaurant business.... I’ve been in it since I was 16.... that’s coming up on 14 years of my life. Trying to cut calories while serving people delicious, fatty foods all day is very taxing on my willpower. I do all the baking for the restaurant and all those “samples” that I taste are starting to increase my waistline.
Anyone else work in the restaurant industry? Give me your tips, tricks, and maybe even some funny stories you have.... because we all know we want to vent about THOSE customers 🤣


  • emeraldwoods4214emeraldwoods4214 Posts: 177Member Member Posts: 177Member Member
    My first horror story while waitressing happened when I was 17. It was my third shift working the floor, and I had a tray with salads going out to an older couple. Somehow the side of dressing slid off the plate, and since it was made of plastic, it bounced.... and bounced again... dressing is flying everywhere. I mean seriously it’s splattered in the wall, on the table, on the floor, and on the gentleman’s clothes. I rushed to grab a towel and started wiping his shirt, only to meet eyes with his furious wife as I was about to wipe off his pants.... horrified, I finished wiping the floor and gave them a discount on their check. I don’t remember what kind of tip they left me... only those dagger eyes that scared the crap out of me!!
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