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How Do You Fight Cravings? 😩

EquivocationEquivocation Posts: 7Member, Premium Member Posts: 7Member, Premium Member
During the day, I get very few cravings...but almost like a damn vampire or werewolf, the second the sun is gone over the horizon, I turn into a crave monster. I suddenly want to eat every sweet I’ve ever had throughout my life! Donuts, chocolates, chips, candies, you name it. I haven’t broken my diet yet but if anyone who also gets insanely strong cravings but who has mastered them and you have some advice, not well known tips or tricks to cheat my own brain, I’m all ears! My goal is not simply weight loss but also long term sustainable healthy lifestyle so i really want to get rid of cravings entirely or at least lessen them to a large degree.


  • twdlove89twdlove89 Posts: 95Member Member Posts: 95Member Member
    I had cravings last night so instead I had a glass of warm milk with abit of tumeric, ginger and cinnamon. Tastes amazing and sorted my craving out AND I fell asleep super quick so win win 😁
  • EquivocationEquivocation Posts: 7Member, Premium Member Posts: 7Member, Premium Member
    Thank you all for the insights!! I will definitely try these out! I especially like the idea of having sugar free gum on hand!
  • emmamcgarityemmamcgarity Posts: 1,264Member Member Posts: 1,264Member Member
    I find getting enough protein helps quite a bit to keep from feeling restricted, but I also make a point to fit in treats in smaller portions. I generally have one cup of light ice cream or frozen yogurt daily at the end of my evening before bed.
  • tccrostontccroston Posts: 34Member Member Posts: 34Member Member
    I have a long commute after work thanks to rush hour and people that don’t know how to drive. I always keep my water bottle filled (32 oz.), and a bag of almonds in the car. I found that for me, when I was getting crazy cravings, it was mostly due to being dehydrated. So I learned to drink more water.

    I also will sometimes snack on carrots, but the OHN at work tried to tell me they were high in sugar. I just laughed and said, “Maybe, but they’re better than the box of donuts I wanted to eat!”

    Small battles. One day at a time... And don’t beat yourself up! It’s a lifestyle change, and it doesn’t always happen over night.

    Hope this helps!
  • ceiswynceiswyn Posts: 2,150Member Member Posts: 2,150Member Member
    Distraction helps. Go out for a short walk. Find something properly engrossing to do.

    I surrender to my cravings when I'm just too tired to do those things instead.
  • FiveptsFivepts Posts: 689Member Member Posts: 689Member Member
    If I eat any sugar, sugar substitutes or flour then the cravings continue. It took me about three months to completely feel victory over cravings and to rewire my brain. At first, I didn't eat at all in the evenings for the same reason but made sure that I had eaten sufficient nutrients and calories during the day so that I didn't convince myself I was hungry. At first even honey or a piece of fruit would bring the cravings back so I cut them out for a couple of weeks, now I can tolerate them too. Cutting out the flour and sugar combination was the key for me. Also this group been a great encouragement to me.
  • EquivocationEquivocation Posts: 7Member, Premium Member Posts: 7Member, Premium Member
    Wow thank you all for your thoughts! At the end of my day here, these are all so helpful to read right before bedtime! Keep up the great work everyone :)
  • estherdragonbatestherdragonbat Posts: 5,155Member Member Posts: 5,155Member Member
    Generally, I figure out whether I want sweet or salt, soft or crunchy, and pre-log a measured portion of a low-calorie option. (Sweet crunchy=dry cereal; sweet soft=fiber one bars, etc)
  • Teabythesea_Teabythesea_ Posts: 559Member Member Posts: 559Member Member
    Honestly, I give in. I eat chocolate, chips, or icecream almost every day. Sometimes I find lower calorie alternatives, sometimes I splurge and just have a smaller dinner. Personally, I've found that the more I fight it the worse off I'll be. So, I can either give in when the craving hits and be satisfied with a small amount of what I'm craving or I can ignore it and eventually eat way too much of what I'm craving. It also helps to not keep those things on hand or if you do then just keep one. For example, just keep one chocolate bar or one pint of ice cream that way when the craving hits you cant over indulge.
  • PaytraBPaytraB Posts: 2,368Member Member Posts: 2,368Member Member
    Water really helps, as does ensuring enough protein over the day.
    Air-popped popcorn (no butter) is a good snack. You can have a lot of it and consume very few calories. It's a satisfying snack.
  • dydn11402dydn11402 Posts: 81Member Member Posts: 81Member Member
    I find that its mostly about associations. So if I sit down to some Netflix at night, my mind is automatically like, hmm what can I eat. So sometimes I budget the calories and eat whatever I'm craving or I try to keep my mouth busy with a zero calorie drink. Other times, I walk away and do something else. The key is to break the association.
  • FatToFitChaserFatToFitChaser Posts: 108Member Member Posts: 108Member Member
    I eat what I crave for but limiting the portions. I keep 500 calories apart everyday for food that o may mess up. Sweets are my weakness

    It's a mind game
  • _faedreamer_faedreamer Posts: 49Member Member Posts: 49Member Member
    I try to give in to the cravings every once in a while, with moderation. If I'm craving ice cream, I have some, just a small amount - half a serving or less. If I want bread, I have a slice of whole grain bread, not half a loaf of brioche lol. If I crave ramen I have a third of a package and use my own seasonings, not the sodium and MSG packed pouch included. I don't give in to every craving, but if I want it bad enough, I make room in my calories that day or the next for a small portion to satisfy. I find I can't just not have the food I love ever again, that's not sustainable for me. But having just a little every once in a while very much is.
  • ilovekiwisilovekiwis Posts: 17Member Member Posts: 17Member Member
    This is a weird strategy, but sometimes I'll eat a serving of bitter greens (arugula for example) and it diminishes my appetite because my brain is getting the exact opposite the junk it's craving. Somehow it seems to ease the intensity of feeling like I MUST eat all the sweets.

    That said, every eating plan needs room for treats now and then. I budget some calories for greek yogurt before bed. This hearty snack can be jazzed up with chocolate chips, fruit, whatever you like.
  • TeaBeaTeaBea Posts: 14,089Member Member Posts: 14,089Member Member
    88olds wrote: »
    I plan some snacks and eat them on a schedule. Schedule? Yes.

    I find delay is a lot easier to manage than “Just say no.” I always have a few calories left for just before bed. Sometimes I don’t bother with that one. But I find having a zero balance in my calorie account for the day to be anxiety provoking. I try not to put myself in that position.

    I do this^

    I plan for chocolate everyday.....later in the day. Single serving packs help. Individually wrapped Ghiradelli dark chocolate squares. If I'm in the mood for ice cream I reach for an ice cream bar or those mini-drumsticks.

    Tea, fruit, crispy veggies are great for the start of a diet, but sadly (for me) they will never be a life time substitute.

    One hard rule for me - no snacking in front of the T.V. Too easy to over eat. I get a big glass of ice water and a little bit of coloring book, crochet, solitaire, anything to break the cycle
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