Looking for some new buddies especially those focused on a Paleo/Primal/WAPF lifestyle. I would love to find like-minded folks who understand why I eat the way I do and support it. I am on a loooong journey of healing my body through food. I believe that what we eat hugely impacts how our body operates and since I have 80/20 cut out grains, legumes, soy, and 100% cut out refined sugars and highly processed foods, my body is healing everyday.

Hit me up if any of you hold these beliefs and would like a supportive friend who understands. And, that doesn't cut out anyone who doesn't live this lifestyle, I'd like to be part of your support system too!


  • caseydimples
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    You can friend me - I just started Paleo. I'm learning right now and reading everything i can.
  • Mowat14
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    Please friend me! I've been also healing from diet. Started gluten free and added meat, now I'm starting full-on paleo diet. I'm already recovering very quickly and surprised my doc. Feels EXACTLY what my body was screaming for. I would love some like-minded friends for support, recipe, and meal ideas!
  • soponyai
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    Add me as well! I'm trying to get there, but it's hard to leave the habits behind.
    Hopefully we can share some information and motivate each other.
  • lhalket
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    I went gluten free in April and started playing with paleo about 3-4 weeks ago - it's very hard to change the mindset about our foods since paleo is full fat on! :) I do like it though and on the days I consistently eat paleo I feel 100x better than the days I don't (still gotta have my gluten free bread once in a while). I've kind of strayed lately, so feel free to add me for mutual support.
  • notenoughspeed
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    I have done Paleo in the past, strictly Paleo. I'm about 85% Paleo now. I still enjoy the occasionoal ice cream though. I almost never eat breads, and I have cut legumes out of my diet. Cereal and milk are gone as well.
  • Genette38
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    I'm just starting Paleo too and would love to have more friends.
  • kgroton
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    Love Paleo, I am about 90% Paleo. Friend me!
  • AleshiaBunting
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    I'm about 80/20! Love Paleo! Friend me as well.
  • sportyredhead01
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    I'm trying! I'm like 80/20ish.

    Some days are better than others, but feel free to add me!:drinker:
  • mojowrkn
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    Im very focused on primal lifestyle y'all can add me! love primal im down 12 lbs in about a month and am never hungry. Ive alse experienced unexpected improvements in my power output (im a cyclist)

  • knittnponder
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    I'm mostly paleo. I've been gluten free for over a year but just went grain free about a week ago for health reasons. I don't do much dairy anyway so I'm not worrying about that at the moment but I did cut out beans because I think they hate me anyway. I am amazed at how much better I feel after only a week without grains! Weight loss would be nice but at the moment I just want to feel better and I figure if the weight doesn't melt off I'll deal with it later when I'm ready. Right now I just need to nourish myself and heal (Fibromyalgia and IBS along with whatever else my food intolerances/allergies have done to me.) I think the only thing I'm naughty on is the dairy because we ditched all the weird oils and junk a long time ago.

    ETA: feel free to add me. :)
  • saki1404
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    I started paleo going on 12 weeks ago. In the first 4 weeks, I dropped 30lbs. I am losing about 2lbs a week after hitting the first plateau. My girlfriend and I started at the same time, and we follow it about 85/15. I have lost 45lbs and she has lost about 20.

    It is tough at first, and there are going to be some things you just crave, but there are plenty of alternatives to curb those cravings... plus we do use that 15%.

    After beginning the "lifestyle" change, I started feeling better within a week. My energy has increased immensely and my aches and pains have subsided. I used to have incredible joint pain, esp in the mornings, but now, my back and knees feel so much better.

    I haven't been doing that many exercises (typically play basketball one night a week, and go for a couple 2-3 miles walks during the week).

    You will discover, its mostly about what you put into your body. I am getting back to the weight where I can start running again, or even biking. The increased energy .... and reading lots of the stories on MFP has given me to motivation and desire to get out there and get in even better shape.

    I've already dropped my BMI from a 36 to a 29, and my waist has shrunk from a 46 to a 38.

    Even though I'm 85/15, when we do "cheat", i find myself trying to keep my portions realistic and remain conscious of what i'm eating.

    Search the internet, you will find dozens of blogs with thousands of recipes for Paleo / Primal lifestyles, the information is out there.

    Good luck and feel free to add me if you like.
  • shannashannabobana
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    I am a long way from perfect in my primal diet, but I am working it too! Feel free to add me and good luck :)
  • ktsimons
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    Friend me, too...I love Paleo (started about 6 months ago) but couldn't loose much weight until I started paleo AND MFP together. I am one of thoes bodies that need to eat clean and pay attention to the amount of calories I eat at the same time.

    I am only 15 pounds from my goal weight - with a total loss of 50LBS to date...I am losing a bit slowly, but that's OK...the weight is coming off...who cares how long it takes.
  • KalaMakaKoa
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    I am just starting to get into Primal. Add me if you want to. :)
  • taohobo
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    Another Paleo newbie. Day one.
  • Sabine_Stroehm
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    There's a great pale group on here. Join that.
  • neandermagnon
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    <--- my avatar eats paleo

    I don't, I like dairy to much
  • secretgirl4611
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    I am starting a version of PALEO Diet tomorrow.
    Im low on funds so its basically whatever I have in my fridge right now, that will work for this diet.
    Right now I have:
    eggs, oatmeal, turkey bagon, peanut butter and vegetables that's it..
    Once I get cash I will definitely buy all the right foods...
    Im excited to start living my life this way because its healthy and there really is no fad to it.
    The daily thing is no problem for me as I am pretty much lactose intolerant anyways...

    If anyone has any good website links or things to share please friend me and inbox me some good info thanks!
  • chefkryia
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    Started Paleo today.. :)