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June Challenge: Maintainers Back on Track Thread

sofchaksofchak Posts: 862Member Member Posts: 862Member Member
Heading into the 3rd month of being back on track - seeing some real positive vibes going on with you folks!

This challenge is specific to Maintainers who may have lost a little enthusiasm along the journey to better health or simply need to refocus efforts - let’s use this space as a discussion / accountability thread to get back on track and ultimately back in goal range. Check in as often as you like (weekly or bi-weekly preferred).

I just ask that you focus on up to three things:

1. Your current goal - can be big (like run a 10k or lose 10 lbs by Memorial Day) or small (like eat at a deficit 2 days a week or lose 1/2 lb a week)
2. Recent success - this can be tied to your goal (lost 3 lbs!) or a completely separate NSV (lost a pant size or ran a mile without stopping)
3. Strategy - how are you planning to meet your goal?

Here goes...

How long in maintenance:
Goal maintenance range:
Current weight:
Current goal:
Recent success:
Strategy for your goal:


  • NijntjepleintjeNijntjepleintje Posts: 17Member Member Posts: 17Member Member
    Name: Nijntje
    How long in maintenance: around 9 months
    Goal maintenance range: 112-118
    Trendweight 2nd June: 120.8
    Trendweight 8th June: 120.1
    Current goal: 116
    Recent successes: Walked 26 miles yesterday - the longest training walk I’ll do before the 37-miler at the end of June. I fully faceplanted by the side of the road about two thirds in - don’t think I’ve done any major damage to my knee (fingers crossed) but it’s pretty bashed up looking. Weight jumped up this morning probs due to yesterday’s activities, but been hovering bottom 120/mid 119 most of the week, so I think I’m making a little progress weightwise. Strategy for success - im going to go easy on my knee this week so less running - so need to focus on keeping my calories accordingly sensible, and be very diligent at logging.
  • Hammig74Hammig74 Posts: 28Member, Premium Member Posts: 28Member, Premium Member
    Name: Jamey
    How long in maintenance: around 3 months
    Goal range: 165-172
    Current weight: 168.8 avg past 7 days
    Current goal: 165
    Recent successes: was within 1 lb of my goal yesterday, but had a planned indulgence day yesterday. No regrets though. Simply a necessary part of maintenance, I think. Part of my strategy of maintenance is to not eat sugar. I get my sugar cravings satisfied on indulgence day, which keeps me on track
  • jrwms714jrwms714 Posts: 421Member Member Posts: 421Member Member
    Name: jrwms714
    How long in maintenance: 4.5 years
    Goal maintenance range: 136.5-138.5
    Current weight: 140.0
    Current goal: Was back down in range for two weeks ... goal is to get back there again, no snacks at night. I have been doing that again and I think it has hurt what I am trying to do.
    Recent success: The two weeks that I was in range.
  • fiddletimefiddletime Posts: 1,842Member Member Posts: 1,842Member Member
    Name: Fiddletime
    Maintenance- 3 years
    Goal maintenance range- 123-128
    Current weight- 129.4

    Recent success- I’m down from 136.6 heading back into my maintenance range again. I did it pretty quickly this time, in a couple of months.

    Strategy- i’ve switched to a lectin free diet (Plant Paradox book) for health reasons. That’s helped a lot in getting my head in the game again, as I’m learning to eat things that I used to dislike, like mushrooms and dried figs. The figs are my go to snack and are very filling. My husband makes millet flat bread and sorghum. All can be eaten to excess, but it’s helped me spice up my life with new foods, and get back on track with calorie counting.
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