What are your favorite mocktails?

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Cheers, everybody! :drinker: I enjoy these little creations mostly because they're much less caloric than their alcoholic counterparts. My only "rule" is that it tastes interesting and complete on its own without inviting a shot of tequila or some such. Bonus points for being low calorie. Also, if it's a blend of fruits and fruit juices, I'd probably call it "a smoothie" rather than a mocktail, but to each his own!

Here are a couple I've tried:
#1: 1oz lemon juice+1oz cider+2oz ginger beer over crushed ice+splash Angostura bitters
#2: muddle mint in lime juice, add ginger bear & peach bitters
#3: muddle 1 small strawberry with 4 basil leaves in lemon juice, add topo chico & rhubarb bitters
#4: equal parts cold pepermint tea & fresca over crushed ice

Also, here's a link for making your own ginger beer, which is nice for hard core ginger lovers because you can sweeten it however you like.

What are you all shaking up tonight?


  • purplefizzy
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    Kombucha spritzer.
    (Homemade ginger kombucha, 1 part. 3 parts sparkling water - served chilled in highball.)
    Also like vinegar spritzers- local (sweet) honey-ginger white balsamic, splashed into iced sparkling water. (Pint glass)
  • ahoy_m8
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    Ah, shrubs! I experimented one whole summer with them. I love the idea, but as it turns out, not so much the taste of shrub spritzers. Or not the way mine turned out :D thanks for replying!
  • k8eekins
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    Having abstained for some years now, for having favoured vodka cocktails, sometimes tequila, your topic has now prompted my curiosity about products like Arkay's vodka, tequila and liqueurs as a consideration, given any opportunity for the possibility of stocking a decent mocktail bar with what agrees with our palates, for when we would like to make our sobriety drinks.

    Mocktails for me, will preferably be any mixes with the minimum of sparkling coconut water or sparkling water or sparkling cider + pomegranate or berries or citrus + a fresh garnish and other ingredients, like xylitol for example for when a sweetener is required, to qualify it as a passable mock-cocktail.

    Living Booze-free, have either of you tried any beers/wines/ciders/liquors/liqueurs/bitters 100% alcohol free substitute products in your mocktails?

    @ahoy_m8 Appreciate your shared recipes, which I have not yet tried, looking forward to trying out the ginger beer.
    @purplefizzy Kombucha I've tried and enjoyed, but for vinegar spritzes, which I will explore. Thank you.