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MFP Tool or Crutch? Weigh-in

PiscesMan123PiscesMan123 Posts: 22Member Member Posts: 22Member Member
Have you ever noticed how challenging it can be to trust your own instincts when you reach your goal weight? I tried weaning myself off counting calories and weighing in everyday. After three days, I just didn't trust myself that I was actually doing the right thing. I jumped back on the scale only to find that I had lost some weight. Yeah. Have you tried weaning yourself off counting calories and weighing-in everyday? How has that worked for you? What games does your mind play?


  • reversemigrationreversemigration Posts: 111Member Member Posts: 111Member Member
    There may come a time where I won't find it necessary to track or log, but I don't feel I've gotten to the point of being able to guesstimate calories and portion sizes for things that I don't eat on a daily basis. For instance, my breakfast and lunch are pretty consistent (I feel like a regular in a bar, where I say "the usual" and the bartender slides down a bowl of oatmeal), but dinner varies pretty much every day. Because of that, and because I also find the accountability helpful, it's a useful tool.
  • marysabetournaymarysabetournay Posts: 69Member Member Posts: 69Member Member
    i've stopped weighing and writting what I eat and I seem to maintain pretty well. For the last 5 months, all is good....I tend to eat the same things all the time so it's pretty easy but, I still jump on the scale twice a week to make sure!
  • kami3006kami3006 Posts: 4,993Member, Greeter, Premium Member Posts: 4,993Member, Greeter, Premium Member
    jrwms714 wrote: »
    MFP is a tool for me ... and an easy one at that. 4.5 years into maintenance, and logging is so simple; helps me plan, is not remotely an inconvenience, given how easy it is to do. Have been logging for almost 7 years now. All my meals are pretty much in there ... just click on them and I'm done, sometimes with an adjustment or two! And I, too, pre-log which is very helpful in planning. For me, all of this is as second nature as stepping on the scale every morning or a good habit like brushing my teeth.

    ^ Six years in and I feel the same.
  • CharlieCharlie007CharlieCharlie007 Posts: 242Member Member Posts: 242Member Member
    I weigh myself every six weeks when I go to the dietitian. I log, mostly.
  • phred_52phred_52 Posts: 195Member Member Posts: 195Member Member
    When I originally got back to normal weight, 160lbs from 200lbs, I never really weighed myself much. I just read labels on foods and went from there. Portion size and enough to maintain. Unfortunately I let myself go again, so starting over.
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