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sarah8352sarah8352 Posts: 5Member Member Posts: 5Member Member
Help guys. I suffered from restricted eating for about 6 years and lost my period. Now I eat a very balanced macronutrient diet. 100protein 70 fat 160 carbs. Still no period and it’s been of me being at a healthy weight! Any tricks!?


  • lemurcat2lemurcat2 Posts: 3,311Member Member Posts: 3,311Member Member
    This is something you should talk to the doc about just to be sure

    Yes, this.
  • Gisel2015Gisel2015 Posts: 2,756Member Member Posts: 2,756Member Member
    Ask the moderators to move your post to the Food and Nutrition section; this is a a session to discuss general fitness and health.

    Please alk to your OB/GYN. You have a medical problem that needs to be discussed with a medical professional not with random people in the internet.
  • magnusthenerdmagnusthenerd Posts: 797Member Member Posts: 797Member Member
    1. Talk to a dietician specializing in this.
    2. It can take years. How long have you been at a healthy weight? Even at a health weight, energy flux (large amounts of physical activity, even while at maintenance or gaining) can cause or prolong amenorrhea,
  • tcunbelievertcunbeliever Posts: 7,125Member Member Posts: 7,125Member Member
    I looked over your diary and the only thing that stood out to me was that you don't seem to eat any red meat or organ meats, so you might not be consuming enough iron. You should not supplement iron without testing to ensure you are not overdosing, so whenever you see your GP or OB, ask for an iron test and if they recommend supplementation they will also schedule follow up testing to track iron levels while you are supplementing.

    Or just eat red/organ meats, but you don't seem to eat those now, so I'm assuming that's deliberate.
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