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Holiday 2 weeks HELP!!

GBNOGBNO Member Posts: 15 Member Member Posts: 15 Member
My 2 week holiday is bound to push me out of Keto no matter how hard I try. And I will keep carbs low. We are travelling around & eating out a lot. Any suggestions. I've lost 15lb & my holiday is in 2 months time. Any ideas?
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  • manderson27manderson27 Member Posts: 3,452 Member Member Posts: 3,452 Member
    Have a great holiday, make as many sensible choices you can, get back to it when you come back :)
  • brenn24179brenn24179 Member Posts: 1,919 Member Member Posts: 1,919 Member
    stay active, eat a lot of protein to fill you up, we took our bikes on our last vacation and I lost 2 lbs, oh yea I didnt drink soft drinks either.
  • lesdarts180lesdarts180 Member Posts: 348 Member Member Posts: 348 Member
    A word of warning, if your travelling involves a lot of passive sitting - car, bus, trains, planes etc - you may find you come home with a large water weight gain. I went away for 8 days recently and the scale was up by 7 lbs when I got home. But over the next few days it melted off as a got back to my normal eating and bathroom habits. One week later 6 lbs had gone, so it wasn't real fat gain. Another week and I was lighter than before I went away. So don't worry but do prepare yourself mentally for that shocking scale reading.
    Enjoy yourself and be as active as you can - lots of sightseeing or whatever you enjoy. Two weeks will not derail your efforts.
  • noobootsnooboots Member Posts: 479 Member Member Posts: 479 Member
    I didnt weigh myself until a week and a half after I got back from my recent holiday. I logged everything every day and went 3.5k calories over my maintenance that week. I was therefore expecting that once all the water bloating went (which was significant as my feet swelled up like nobodies business), I would therefore gain a pound.

    When I did weigh myself in the end, I was the same as I was the day before I went away. Ive since lost another pound so within 2 weeks I have lost a pound after the holiday. This suits me ok.

    I m not on a 'low carb' diet but I dont generally eat starchy carbs and not bread. While on holiday of course I did and this is what caused such a lot of the bloating.

    Next week I hope to have lost another pound. So its put me about 2 weeks back but then thats the cost of a good holiday to me.
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