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Am I building strength/muscle ?

fitnessdiva_fitnessdiva_ Posts: 127Member, Premium Member Posts: 127Member, Premium Member
I eat about 1500 Cals a day and I consume about 100g of protein. My aim is fat loss but I want to build muscle when I get to my gw. Lately I’ve been raising my weights a lot, everything feels so light. I leg pressed 170 today easily, I can squat 100 now. I’ve also been doing a lot of arm work, and I feel like my arms feel harder/look my defined in certain angles or when I flex. My calves and legs feel harder too. What is going on ? I try to push myself/achieve hypertropy.
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  • audreyanderson836audreyanderson836 Posts: 8Member Member Posts: 8Member Member
    Hi there all so I am back now wasn't on for a while deleted my old account and now joined again so now I am at goal and under I lost 2 stone 5 and a half pounds altogether
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