Hey, I’m currently travelling at the moment with my boyfriend we’re about 3 months in and I’ve hit that ‘oh my god I’m getting so fat’ strange. Obviously I’m trying to enjoy eating and trying new foods and stuff and I have really enjoyed myself drinking beer and not worrying about food and what not, but before we came away I was feeling and looking my best had lost just over half a stone and was feeling fab, I’m very aware of food as it is and I’m currently trying to calorie count whilst out here. I’ve been asking my boyfriend to take pictures of me throughout travelling together and I can see such a massive difference from when we were in India (about 2 months ago to now we we currently in Vietnam) please if anyone has any advice on travelling and losing weight I’d love to hear it! I want to go home now feeling like I have to start again with losing weight and punishing myself.
Thank you in advance for any advice:)


  • breanamock
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    Wow, sounds like you’re having an adventure! I totally thought I would lose weight in Asia, what with all the “healthy” food, and quickly discovered that, between all the incredible new foods that I had to try and the oil- and sugar-laden sauces on everything, weight loss just wasn’t happening. And it’s hard to count calories when you have no idea what’s in your meal. Keep your portions small: don’t feel like you have to eat all of everything. You can eat a little and be finished. You may be doing a good bit of walking, depending on what country you’re in. But if not, try doing some weights in the hotel gym (if available) or some body weight stuff in your room. Try one of the many great workouts on YouTube, if you have WiFi in your room. And regardless of what happens with your weight on this trip, don’t feel you need to punish yourself. You’ve been enjoying a new and different part of life. Embrace it, do what you can, and remember that you already know how to be successful with weight loss, so you can jump right back in and be successful again once you return to your regular schedule.
  • NovusDies
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    It could be that you are just consuming a lot more sodium right now and you are just experiencing some bloat. I have noticed when I drink alcohol while already retaining water it tends to hang around longer than normal.
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    We just completed a one month food & culture tour. I was sure two weeks into it that I was ballooning, but took the opportunity to try all the new foods anyway. My pants got tight, shirts were stretching. "Skinny clothes" I had brought got shoved to the back of the suitcase in favor of stretchy waistbands. By the plane ride home I felt like a waddling duck. Surprisingly, it was less than six pounds. We've been home two weeks yesterday and it's all gone now except half a pound.

    My former fat gal dysmorphia brain played tricks on me. Yours probably is, too.

    Maybe choose between the alcohol and the adventurous foods. That might help rein it in.