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just beginning. like to read about success and failures. they both are helpful.

dhinrichs144dhinrichs144 Posts: 1Member, Premium Member Posts: 1Member, Premium Member
just wanted to see who is out there. many older folks like me tired of being sick and tired, I have found thru the years. no one can fix you but you. all the programs, pills, books, ect out there will not do what you must do to become healthy and happy. that is all up to you..just go do it.


  • smoofinatorsmoofinator Posts: 635Member, Premium Member Posts: 635Member, Premium Member
    You've got a good approach. Check out the stickies (most helpful posts) at the top of the forum boards. They're full of great info to get you going and help you avoid the usual pitfalls most of us make when we first start here.

    Good luck!
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