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4 months progress

firef1y72firef1y72 Posts: 1,327Member Member Posts: 1,327Member Member
Spent the first half of the year in a sort of bulk while marathon training (have put on weight but lost inches) and this is the result.


I was spending around 4hours a week on upper body, got my bench 1rpm up from 45 to 56kg and my shoulder press up from 32 to 35kg. Mastered unassisted dips and am at the very lowest amount of assistance for chin ups, pull ups I still have a way to go.

I have had the occasional put down about how bulky I'm getting, but mostly from people that don't have a clue and have only seen me during or immediately after a lifting session. A memorable one was a younger Male telling his girl friend that she should stay away from the weights because she didn't want "shoulders like that". We smiled at that one because this has been a deliberate effort, and it's not gonna happen with 2kg dumbbells.

Anyway the idea was to fill some of the loose skin on my arms with muscle (and grow my pecs so it looks like I have boobs) and once in a dress I don't think I look that muscular or bulky.9qieam5qcbwg.jpg


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