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Garmin Vivosmart 3 Music Question

cc3833cc3833 Posts: 80Member Member Posts: 80Member Member
Hello! So I just switched from FitBit to Garmin about 4/5 days ago. I am still learning the ropes of the new device. I unsynced my FitBit in MFP and paired up my Garmin. I am getting all the MFP information to my Garmin but am not getting any adjustments in MFP. Is this due to the update bug or did I miss a step? Would appreciate any advice!


  • cheryldumaischeryldumais Posts: 1,823Member Member Posts: 1,823Member Member
    I don't know the Vivosmart 3 but for my Vivofit 2 I had to connect in MFP and also in Garmin apps. Once I did that they talked to each other. That was a while back and things may have changed since but take a look to see if you have yet to tell one of the apps to connect. Hope that helps.
  • cc3833cc3833 Posts: 80Member Member Posts: 80Member Member
    Thank you! Apparently I had my Fitbit still set as my primary device! Now everyone is talking! Thanks again 😊
  • NorthCascadesNorthCascades Posts: 9,368Member Member Posts: 9,368Member Member
    How do you like the new one?
  • lexusjadelexusjade Posts: 45Member, Premium Member Posts: 45Member, Premium Member
    My Garmin is arriving next week, I'm also ditching FitBit after multiple failed devices.
  • cc3833cc3833 Posts: 80Member Member Posts: 80Member Member
    So far I really like it! I used to have a Garmin years ago. Then the Fitbit craze happened and I got one as a gift. This Garmin was only $50 more than my Charge 3 and does soooo much more! I was having lots of issues with the Fitbit just freezing, syncing, etc. and I personally think it looks a bit cheesy. I go to a lot of meetings and I wanted something that looked more professional (which it does). Some people complain it is too big to sleep with... but I don't have that problem. It's pretty lightweight but has a circular design instead of the rectangle.

    There are a lot of features to get used to. You have to have 2 separate apps (Garmin Connect and Connect IQ). But it allows you to download the features you want and not have to wade through the features you don't, which I really like. I really enjoy how customizable it is. I used the GPS feature for my outdoor walk for the first time yesterday. Seems good enough for me. I also think it is more accurate in my steps and HR (that could be the user.) But all in all for my first week of use I find it to be more of what I was looking for. I've had 3 different Fitbits, this is my second Garmin. I have yet to use the music feature but that is more because I don't have time to play around with it.
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