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Virtual Lifting Buddies?

PoesiaSagradaPoesiaSagrada Posts: 26Member, Premium Member Posts: 26Member, Premium Member
Would love to "friend" other active lifting ladies and share workouts, experiences, tips, etc.

I'm lifting to stay healthy, and appreciate the aesthetics. Not competitive at all, but fully appreciate the very serious lifting ladies. 😁

Here's my morning glute plan:
Warm up:
☆Precore cross trainer warm up (let's see how much patience I have, 5min minimum)
☆Hip bridges (30 or so...)

Work out: 10r x 3
♡Hip thrusts, 55lbs
♡Weighted step-ups, 20lbs barbell each hand set 1, 15lbs barbell set 2, 12.5lbs barbell set 3
♡Sumo stance back extensions w/ rounded back, and/or
♡Reverse hyper... we'll see in the morning

◇Sidekick series

First song on playlist:
PJ Harvey - This is Love
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