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Torn muscles and disc - how to eat?

mariunipaintsmariunipaints Posts: 1Member, Premium Member Posts: 1Member, Premium Member
I fell which resulted in torn hamstring, quads and tear in disc. I have gained 13 pounds and don’t know how to adjust my food as l recuperate. I have always been very active and when l get injured my weight jumps up. This has ben twoo years since running due to a weak knee. Then this fall had me down several weeks. I am able to stand and lie without pain but my PT says no go on more than 10 minutes of even walking, no weights, just stretches. Anyone have suggestions?


  • AliNouveauAliNouveau Posts: 32,168Member Member Posts: 32,168Member Member
    if you're tracking I'd set your activity level to the lowest possible. Always have water or something on hand so you're not aimlessly snacking or eating? I'm going to have to get some surgery soon and i'm worried about the inactivity more than the surgery haha
  • Panini911Panini911 Posts: 2,325Member Member Posts: 2,325Member Member
    use the guided set-up in MFP. you can decide if you want to lose or maintain. I"d go with a slow rate of loss if you want to lose (0.5lb/week).

    get a food scale to weigh all your food and log to ensure you are eating what it recommends.

    are you able to walk and move around or not much?

    weight is about eating the right amount (calories) the less you can exercise/move the less calories you need to take in.
  • AprilMLoweAprilMLowe Posts: 397Member, Premium Member Posts: 397Member, Premium Member
    I had knee surgery that kept me from exercising 6 weeks non weight bearing. I increased my protein for healing , drank alot of water, took adequate fiber, logged everything , set activity level lowest, and set to maintenance status and didn't gain any extra weight. I just ate within allotted calories. I hope some of this advice helps! Good Luck! If u send me a friend request we can message 1 another!😉
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