Friends who have public food diaries to their friends

SydneyA89 Posts: 8 Member
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I am looking for some friends who show their food diaries. I get lots of motivation from seeing what other people are doing. I am currently on a paid plan, but wont always be and like to get ideas and see people's success (or shortcomings, we are all human).


  • savannahs21
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    My food diary is is open, feel free to add me. :)
  • raleighgirl09
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    Add me, add me! And savannahs21 - add me! I'm trying to expand my group some as it's not many and I like to see what others are doing, too, and I need support and love to give support! My diary is open - I remember when I first did that at a friend's request and I thought I would *hate* it but I don't. I honestly don't think about what other are thinking of my food intake but it's really cool to see what others eat, too. And it's a comfort to see that a lot of people are on wash/rinse/repeat for meals, same as me. Keeps it simple. I try to log ahead and it helps so if you look you may see entries for the next day or all meals by morning, etc. It's a big help for me and what I do - I'd love to see what you guys do.... => happy saturday!
  • SydneyA89
    SydneyA89 Posts: 8 Member
    I was the same way. I would feel ashamed if I messed up and would think people judged me if I added a fast food burger to my food diary one day. But I learned it part of the journey and sometimes you mess up a little. But I have noticed that other people mess up too and still stay on the path, and that is what is important. So I have learned that the food diaries and really helpful to me. I love to see people success, but also when they have a moment of weakness and still don't give up.
  • AustinRuadhain
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    My food diary is is open to friends. Feel free to add me. :)
  • karietate
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    PLEASE feel free to add me! I need all the friends I can get. I too think seeing other’s diaries is very motivating. I just recently came from WW and looking to switch things up a bit as I have hit a plateau. Would love to provide support, encouragement and a shoulder to lean during this journey 😁
  • panda4153
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    My food diary is open, but I don’t consider anything people eat as a success or failure. I don’t think a fast food hamburger is a moment of weakness. I regularly eat pop tarts and Red Bull for breakfast, and I also love tons of fresh fruit and lean protein. I love carbs and fats. I am very much an IIFYM eater. I know when I eat more calories then i need I will gain, abs when I eat at a deficit I will lose. I eat what I know I can sustain over the long term.
  • QuinntessentiallyMe
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    I'm open! Check out my profile and see if my journey and eating plan is similar to yours, and perhaps if it is, my diary may be helpful. :-)
  • staticsplit
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    Open diary to friends. I'm also in maintenance but bank calories some days just in case, so I rarely have too aggressive a deficit--I eat from 1700-2200 calories most days.
  • tami139
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    I put 75% of my food on my FB page. Helps to keep me accountable and helps others find new food ideas. I love sharing what I'm eating with pictures 🤸
  • breanamock
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    My diary is open to friends. I’ve not been feeling well this week, so my eating has been off, but I like eating all sorts of different foods most of the time.
  • AmyMCGS
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    🙋🏼‍♀️ Add me! My diary is open and I'm not judging anyone- you'll see that I have good days and days where I eat total junk.
  • bjkoziara
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    You can add me if you like, but you may not find me particularly motivating. There's lots of days that I get in my poly/mono fats, get lots of protein, eat my veggies, yada yada, and then there are days like yesterday where most of my calories came from beer :) I keep it real if nothing else.
  • katejolee6105
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    I have my diary open. Feel free to add me. I have up days and down. I exercise at least 3 days a week. I'm 40 and 186lb/13st1lb. I need to see more peoples diarys for inspiration 🤗. I want to lose at least 50lb as I'm only 5ft2in.
  • ducttapebowtie
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    Mine is open. I mostly stuff protein in my face and make do with what I can at work, so it's probably not too terribly interesting, but you're welcome to add me if you'd like. I don't track exercise or anything, only food, but I try to do that as well as possible. :blush:
  • Crochetmama84
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    I track weight, food, steps, and water intake.
  • jhuguez
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    Mine’s open. Feel free to add me. I’d love to see what others do to get some fresh ideas.
  • grimendale
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    Feel free to add. Diary is open and public for anyone interested.
  • oannmarie51
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    Add me mine is open
  • _faedreamer
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    Mine's open, I log everything even when I'm a little embarrassed by it lol. Feel free to add me!
  • JessicaLThomas0316
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    I've made my diary open to friends, so if you'd like to add me, I'd could definitely use the additional support and motivation! I've recently restarted this weight loss journey and am slowly working my way of eating back down to lower carbs, higher proteins. I definitely anticipate days where I'll log a few beers and sweet desserts, but I want to enjoy my life ;-) But knowing that others are watching and keeping me accountable will definitely help!