What are your workout routines? 225 lbs+ please!

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I'm curious what others are doing that are around my weight. I see what others are posting and it's way out of reach for my fitness level right now. I'm a female 5'6 267lbs and heading into week 3 and need ideas. TYI
I am also eating at a 20% calorie deficit. I think I have my eating under control for the most part besides some tweaks here and there :) But any suggestions are always welcomed


  • NorthCascades
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    Bike rides, especially on dirt roads where there isn't much traffic.



    Nordic skiing in the winter.
  • DancingMoosie
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    I got 30 Day Shred when first starting here. It is pretty difficult, but there is also a beginners shred. Swimming is also great because it is low/no impact and works your whole body.
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    When I first started out I walked. Not so much as first, but I added miles to my weekly routine over time. After awhile I started adding in some beginner Hasfit bodyweight and dumbbell strength training videos. Going slow and gradually building up strength and endurance left me motivated and uninjured. 👍🏻
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    Hi, started at 250 and now at 220. At my highest, I was walking 4x a week for at least 45 minutes. When I lost the first 5 pounds I added a strength class and then after another 5 pounds a yoga class. Now I walk or run 3x week, hot yoga 2x week, barre or flobody 1x week. I also try to get into spin at least 1x week but a lot of times that doesn't happen because our gym is small and booked like crazy. If I end up taking a spin class I may not do that third run.
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    Everyone has a starting point for fitness, regardless of what the scale says. As others suggested, find some activities you enjoy and can do currently and work towards what you ultimately want to achieve physically/fitness-wise. Instead of worrying so much about what you can't do right now, focus on what you can do and just do something to get started while trying to improve. Want to be a runner? Start with walking or consider Couch-to-5K. If you want to get stronger or become a yogi, it's easy to start with beginner youtube videos or see what your local library has available on DVD. While it's great to "have your eating under control" to lose weight that needs to be you focus. Personally, I'm not a fan of the exercise-is-for-calories-only philosophy and have had much better success managing my weight when my calories are on lockdown. If you don't already own/use one, get yourself a food scale and meticulously track 100% of your intake to ensure you're truly hitting what you think is a 20% deficit.
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    1. Walking - I walk everyday! Distance and time varies, some days i'll walk multiple times a day and get 4-6 miles other times I can only get out at lunch for 20-30 minutes but I do walk everyday.
    2. Resistance bands - I have a set at home and do things like bicep curls, flies, squats with those whenever I think of it.
    3. Modified push ups and sit ups - again, at home whenever I think of it.
    4. You Tube - I wish I'd known about the amazing workouts on You Tube earlier. I like The Fitness Marshall (dance fitness) and some random stuff from pop sugar fitness depending on my mood that day.
    5. Stretching - don't underestimate the benefits of stretching. I do some everyday :)
    6. On the weekends I mix it up outside with bike riding, more walking, hiking, frisbee golf, kayaking etc, weather permitting.
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    My weight is about the same as yours. I bought an inexpensive exercise bike so I could use it inside during the hot summers and cold winters. Just look for one that will support your current weight. For me, I needed something readily available. However, I learned the hard way, don't try to be a hero and do too much, too soon. I had this dumb idea of doing intermittent sprints on my bike and injured my knee, so no bike for 4 weeks. Go at your own pace. Walking is also so great. Another poster recommended resistance bands - they are inexpensive and help to build strength. If you have joint issues, water aerobics is another good one.
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    Start where you are and work toward finding something you enjoy.

    -walk. Even if you start out with five minutes at a time.

    -hike. Like walking, but with hills and rough terrain.

    -get in the pool. Walking, swinging your arms around, good off...it is just easier to move in the water.

    -bike. If you don't have one, go out and rent one in a flat area to get you started.

    -modified body weight training. I do push ups at counter height. You can also do squats leaning against a ball on the wall. Or sit in a chair and stand back up.

    -stretching and yoga. You won't do everything perfect the first time, but if you do it regularly, you will improve.

    Take a partner dance class. Do Zumba videos. Hula hoop. Kayak.

    Just keep trying new things until you really get into something.