Any Barre people?

I’ve been doing Barre classes as my exercise 4x/week. Anyone else who does Barre, do you consider it cardio or strength? I’ve added both additional cardio (running) and strength (weights) because I’m not really sure what more I need! On the one hand, some days I really feel like I’m overdoing the workouts. On the other hand, I definitely look fitter than last time I was at this weight!


  • Samantharavenclaw84
    Samantharavenclaw84 Posts: 161 Member
    I count it as strength.
  • breanamock
    breanamock Posts: 29 Member
    Thanks! I’ll keep the running and back off on the lifting. At least until my body is stronger and won’t get totally worn out by doing it all!
  • lollie1285
    lollie1285 Posts: 239 Member
    I teach an athletic style barre that incorporates cardio and strength, but I mainly categorize it as strength.
  • breanamock
    breanamock Posts: 29 Member
    Thanks! I had been doing barre for a couple months. When I started tracking my calories, I also added running. Then, in the course of a week, I increased my running speed/distance and added weight stuff. My body told me quite firmly that all that was just too much! I’m feeling better now, but I’ll add distance and speed slower, and weight stuff much slower. It’s just so tempting to do it all at once. It makes you feel so strong and athletic...until you’re too sore to walk across the room and have no energy.