Is love precious or poisonous???



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    It's a conspiracy by Big Hallmark to sell more greeting cards

    Stupid ol' Hallmark.

    I just make my own greeting cards.

    Hallmark can take a hike.
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    Tankiscool wrote: »
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    What is love?

    Baby don’t hurt me, no more.....

    Thank you!!!!!! 😘

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    Love can't be poisonous. However, people and the way they "love" can be. Just my two cents.
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    Love is work.
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    Hard work and sometimes little or no return
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    the greeks thought there were 8 types of love

    agape, unconditional love
    eros, romantic love
    pragma, enduring love
    ludus, playful love
    philia, affectionate love
    philautia, self love
    storge, familiar love
    mania, obsessive love

    storge and philia and ludus is like lifelong friends so that’s totally precious

    eros and storge and mania is like terrible co dependent relationship and that’s prolly poisonious

    other combos, etc

    or science says it’s just seratonin dopamine endorphins an oxytocin and then if relationship breaks off before those chemicals can slow down normally we go thru withdrawal kinda like a drug addict does

    idk if any of that is helpful or accurate tho

    I only knew about three of these- agape, eros, & philia. Maybe because those are the New Testament loves? Not sure. I always did think there should be more especially in such a detailed language.

    Anyway, thank you!