Needing help getting/staying on right track

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This may be long, so apologies now.

First, my stats. I'm 48yo, 5'0". SW: 133 as of 5/18. CW: 129, as of 6/14. BMI: 25

Question: Should I change my activity settings to moderate?
My loss goal is 1lb/wk. My activity level is set to light. Recommended daily calories: 1200 + exercise cals. I work in retail sales, so I'm on my feet for 6 - 8 hours solid, but only average 8K steps/day, according to FitBit. Two days a week we have deliveries. On these days I spend a minimum of 1 hour bending, squatting, stretching, using a step ladder, and lifting and carrying boxes up to 40lbs each. On non-delivery days I try to get in at least 30-40 minutes of walking. On my days off, I can be a bit of a couch potato if left to my own devices.

Food in general. Calories, macros, nutrients.
Using MFP's macro defaults of 50/30/20, I can't seem to find a good balance in my eating. I'm either not eating enough, or I'm overshooting my daily recs. After logging my food for 3 weeks, I average 10g of fat over the recommended 40 every day, and pretty spot on for protein at 63g avg/60 rec. I seem to be doing okay on carbs at 133 avg/150 rec. I don't overdo sugar or sodium (most days); I also don't get anywhere near enough calcium, iron, potassium or vitamin C.
On the days that I manage to stay under the recommended fat levels, I also stay hungry. Like eat the furniture hungry. Since starting, I very rarely eat fried food, have cut back drastically on alcohol, and have been adding more vegetables and fruit whenever possible. I just feel like I'm not making very good choices most of the time.