Truck driver cardio workout?

Im doing a leslie sansone fitness walk and it does very well for me however my husband is a truck driver and I have searched utube and google but cant find a cardio routine for truck drivers all I see is the weight training. does anyone know of a good cardio workout that can be done in a semi truck? bearing in mind that you dont have enough space to do jumping jacks. any ideas or exercise lists would be appreciated.


  • jwdieter
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    He has to do the exercise in the cab?
  • lewandt
    lewandt Posts: 566
    I can't think of any cardio he can do in a truck, but why can't he go for a run or a walk? I think it would be cool to be able to run in a different location every time!
  • psychofairy25
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    he has only 30min to an hour to exercise, and hes not to big on leaving his truck unattended but given his height that is prob. the only way to get a cardio work out, maybe with step counter he could get up some mile count. I beleive he was hoping for something he could do in the truck like a vid the way i do.
  • TheRealParisLove
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    A kettlebell and a jump rope should be enough for him to get in some exercise. Of course, he'll have to stand next to his truck to do the exercises, but it can be done. If he has time, he can invest in a good pair of running shoes and go for a jog in the morning before he gets on the road, too.
  • pseudomuffin
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    He could try shadowboxing too :)