Success with Only No Sugar Plan

I’m too busy to exercise and I refuse to diet for fear of the yo-yo that I grew up watching my mother play. Starve, gain, starve, gain more. My clothes were getting too tight, then I went two sizes larger. I had to do something. So, I cut out sweets. Guess what. It is working! I’ve lost 11 lbs in a month. I’m smaller now than I’ve been in 11 years, since having twins. The shrinking stopped after five pounds, for about two weeks. Not sure why, but I stuck with it. Then I started to shrink again. Oh joy. Down to 133.4 this morning.


  • karlis87
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    I also have to cut out sugar to lose weight. I also count my calories but it seems like the only way I have success is if I just say no to sugar. Plus, it’s a great motivator because when I get to goal I can start eating sugar again! I’m down 12 pounds so far!
  • missysippy930
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    Congrats on your success with finding a way to create a calorie deficit that works for you. Good luck staying on your plan.
  • SoaringOccamy
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    Honestly, cutting out sugar does wonders for me as well. It just cuts down the food cravings so much. When I eat sugar I just cannot stop being hungry, even when I am incredibly full.

    Over my last several attempts at weight loss I had noticed that one little (or rather large but brief) binge on sugar could completely make me fall off of a months-long, otherwise successful diet. This time I am making a direct effort to avoid sugar as much as possible. So far it is working.