Hydroxycut Supplements - Lost weight with them, gain weight withOUT them?

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Hello, all!!

I tried to do some research before posting yet another one of my health and fitness questions, but I have yet to find a sufficient answer (if there is one).

After combining a regime of a caloric deficit and daily dosages of Hydroxycut, has anyone here....
1)....taken Hydroxycut (Black Onyx, specifically), for an extended period of time? How did it impact your fat loss?

2)....STOPPED taking Hydroxycut after an extended period, still adhered to a caloric deficit AND maintained their fat loss? Any "rebound" fat gain after stopping Hydroxycut, but still in a caloric deficit?

If someone loses weight in result of combined habits of caloric restriction AND Hydroxycut, would that fat loss be reversed without the Hydroxycut? In other words, should it be assumed that the fat loss was a result of the combined efforts? Is Hydroxcut a contributing factor in the equation, meaning removing Hydroxycut will cause increase in weight?

I hope I am making sense.
Again, I am sorry for looking to the past.
I really appreciate any experiences and knowledge you can offer.

God bless (:


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    With the exception of Yohimbe, hydroxycut is basically a moderate dose of caffeine. And even than, its the low end of effective.

    I would also add caution when taking Yohimbe, especially since the does in hydroxycut is high for a woman.

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    Hydroxycut scares the bejesus out of me. I wouldn't touch it. 😬
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    kshama2001 wrote: »
    After my experience with phen/fen, I stopped taking prescription and OTC diet pills, so have no experience with Hydroxycut.

    However, Hydroxycut works the same way everything else works - if it causes you to eat less because you have less appetite or move more because you have more energy, you will lose weight. If you maintain a calorie deficit after stopping Hydroxycut, you will continue to lose weight.

    Phen/fen worked like magic for me - my appetite was suppressed and I was more active. I lost 60 pounds effortlessly. However, now I am on medication for heart palpitations and wonder if I did that to myself :(

    Firstly, thank you for taking time to ponder my concerns and then respond so courteously.
    Secondly, I am so sorry to hear your current ailments. How are you feeling? Are you finding efficient help?

    Lastly, if it isn't even more intrusive of me to ask a further question (please, know I do not expect any response! I really appreciate what you have already shared with me. Thank you for that):
    .....have you been maintaining your achieved weight loss since you stopped taking the diet pills?

    Again, thank you. I pray for your overall health and well-being.