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When should I increase my caloric intake??

j_c_29j_c_29 Member Posts: 25 Member Member Posts: 25 Member
I am currently on a bulk. Should I increase my calories after cutting and restarting a new bulk? Or should I just keep increasing my calories until I reach my desired size? How long should my bulk last too?


  • sardelsasardelsa Member Posts: 9,344 Member Member Posts: 9,344 Member
    A bulk can last as long as you are comfortable and when you feel you have reached goal. However I would recommend not letting your bodyfat get too out of hand otherwise you will have a more difficult time cutting and muscle building becomes less optimal.

    If you feel like you have gained too much fat but want to continue bulking, you can run a mini-cut which is a short quick slightly aggressive cut (1-2weeks usually) to lean out then resume bulking.
  • mohammadalv6597mohammadalv6597 Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    It depends on your body fat percentage! For example my goal is reaching up to 75kg. I can be 75kg with %25 body fat and i can be 75 with %15 body fat.
    So you shouldn't be stressed out if you are not gaining weight in short period of time.
    Right now my body fat percentage is going up to %18 so from now i want to be more careful about my calorie intake and i want to cut a bit of my carbs and fat intake to reduce the body fat a bit...
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