Picky Eaters - So Frustrating!!!

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This is a combination rant and plea for suggestions. Sorry for length in advance.

I love cooking and trying new foods and flavor combinations. There's very little I won't eat. I have a crew of 5 at home, and they are da-- picky eaters. The spouse won't eat any type of seafood. The little won't touch spicy dishes. Girl doesn't like Greek yogurt, black beans or squashes. Girl's BF who lives with us doesn't like red meat, mushrooms, bell peppers, or sweet potatoes. He's also a 6'5", 20 year old calorie furnace who can easily down 3500kC a day and never gain an ounce. None of them like cauliflower, brown rice or whole grain pasta. Trying to cook for this bunch and also keep within my own 1200-1300kC without eating the same old same old, or feeling like a short order diner cook, is driving me insane!

With the spouse away for an extended weekend trip, the one food that the rest of us can agree on is SHRIMP! So I've wasted a good part of the morning looking for an easy meal that I can throw together for us. I searched "healthy" recipes and got page after page after page of freaking 'low-carb' and 'keto'. One recipe alone was 883 cals, 53g fat, 148% RDA of sodium, and 354% cholesterol! My fat allowance for an entire day is 49g! In my universe, this doesn't qualify as anywhere near healthy.

*sigh* Any suggestions? I'm looking for easy shrimp recipes that are low fat, moderate carbs, and lots of flavor without a ton of sodium that will satisfy 3 picky eaters and one hangry mom.



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    I would just cook the shrimp up with some Cajun seasoning (or other spice combos) and serve alongside some roasted vegetables.
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    Wow!! I have 2 little ones at home that are picky eaters, and I thought that was tough to juggle some days. I feel for you!! How about shrimp skewers with veggies?? Everyone can pick what kind of spices they want (garlic, lemon pepper, taco/fajita, etc) and what vegetables they like. Serve it with any carb you want.. homemade oven fries (made with cooking spray), or pasta/rice. Good luck!! :smile:
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    I second the shrimp skewer suggestion. I skewer seasoned shrimp (usually cajun seasoning) and then cook on the grill. Pair that with grilled veggies, mmmmm! Simple but so delish!
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    My mom made one meal and if you didn't want/like it you didn't have to eat it but she wasn't making anything else. Once I was old enough I could make something different for myself if I wanted but by that time I wasn't really picky anymore. ;) There were a few nights I went to bed hungry (liver and onions :p ) but I actually appreciate this approach now that I am older because there are very, very few things I won't eat.

    That's the way it was in my house too. I agree about the liver, actually any "innards" , but just about all other food is OK

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    Make what works for you and the little one. If girl, BF, and/or husband don't like it, they are free to make their own.

    Husband is the only one I don't have to worry about. He's a youth advisor for a boys' group, and they are off on their annual conference. He'll spend the weekend stuffing himself with pizza, hot dogs, and after hours beer. The jerk!
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    I often cook shrimp in some olive oil with whatever veg are on hand and then add to some pasta (white is fine, bigger thing with pasta is controlling the serving size). A stirfry is an easy idea too. You could even put yours on cauliflower rice to save some cals (and because cauliflower is tasty -- half rice, half cauliflower is another idea) and let everyone else eat normal rice.

    Grilled on the skewer with veg on the side is a great idea too.
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    Vietnamese garlic noodles with shrimp is easy and yummy if your crew can handle garlic and asian sauces. Add a vegetable side. Roast asparagus, green beans or courgette are easy logistically because they can be done ahead and served at room temperature. Google for roasting times of the various veggies.

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    sneak that stuff in. black bean brownies. taziki with greek yogurt or dill or cilantro sauce with greek yogurt.
    i would stir fry the shrimp.
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    What time is dinner? That sounds amazing! ☺
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    For the picky child, give them a cook night. Children learn creativity by being in charge. There are some great junior cook books out there.

    It looks like the girl and the calorie furnace need to have a cook night too. Cheap filling foods are all the pastas, rice, potatoes, and baked beans. He can fill up on those.

    You can hit your calorie goals by weighing out a portion of whatever they make that fits your calorie goal. A little extra fat won’t hurt you as long as you watch your portions.

    As for you, embrace the regular rice and pasta. You can add fiber with your vegetable choices that go with. Keep spicy pre made sauces that you can add to your portion, like sriracha and the curries. You can use regular recipes and experiment by reducing the fat. I found many sauces work with a teaspoon of oil instead of a tablespoon.

    Your protein choices appear to be seafood when hubby is out of town. When all five are together, you can choose from chicken, turkey, pork, and tofu. Cook them plain and treat your portion with a creative sauce. Rice, potato or pasta in a big bowl. Any vegetable of your choice.

    You may also try the pulses: beans, chickpeas.
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    My favourites:
    Pork: https://pin.it/jpps34afgbwdqz

    Chicken thighs: https://pin.it/bz3ljilrmqw3ms
    We had this last night with white Jasmine rice baked in the oven.


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    jgnatca wrote: »
    My favourites:
    Pork: https://pin.it/jpps34afgbwdqz

    Chicken thighs: https://pin.it/bz3ljilrmqw3ms
    We had this last night with white Jasmine rice baked in the oven.

    Thanks for the ideas! I've made that pork many times. It's one of the husband's favorites. The chicken looks so good! Cast iron is always my cookware of choice.

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    How about making a nice salad or stirfry with the shrimp as the centerpiece? I eat a ton of shrimp. It's my fave. My husband hated most seafood but loved shrimp.

    How about you ask for help cooking? Those kids are old enough to learn the basics and it will help them understand what you go through every mealtime.

    Both of them work in fast food restaurants, and the daughter is also a full time college student. I cook for them because I love to cook and want to give them a break on the rare days we are all off. It just gets frustrating when I'm feeling creative and no easy and health conscious agreements can be reached.