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Healing process

beauteeousness_365beauteeousness_365 Posts: 14Member Member Posts: 14Member Member
Hello everyone, so on March 18 of this year I had a partial knee replacement done after I tried everything else this was the last resort. I had a knee scope down a couple of months before the surgery and it made the pain 10 times worse, I started gaining weight after the first one and let’s just say I continued to pack on the extra pounds. The healing process has been rough on me but everyone else eyes I’m ahead of where I need to be. In April the doc told me I could start going to the gym but nothing with hard impact so I basically do the elliptical a lot which I love and some low impact step aerobics classes. I’m in the gym like 5 maybe 6 times a week and I’m not seeing any progress. I use to walk 6 miles everyday before the surgery but now I’m not the boss my knee is lol hefe(the boss) lets me know when she’s ready, no longer do I get to decide. So I went from 120-175 in like two years. I was super disappointed in myself I went through a period of depression because I had worked so hard to get to that weight after my divorce. He liked for me to be over weight so no one would look at me. 15 years married and 3 years separated I was glad we were done. Anyways I feel like I’m putting in all this gym time and I’m not seeing any results. Any suggestions!


  • beauteeousness_365beauteeousness_365 Posts: 14Member Member Posts: 14Member Member
    Oh and I’m not New I’ve had the app for awhile, just never posted.😊
  • giancarlov1191giancarlov1191 Posts: 144Member, Premium Member Posts: 144Member, Premium Member
    Hey there, good job on your recovery! I cannot imagine how difficult it has been, I find it very inspiring that you've stayed so dedicated!

    In the end, if you are being as active as you can but you arent losing weight, you'll need to reduce your calories. I suggest you make sure you tracking is on point and that you are weighing and logging EVERYTHING to get a clear picture of your daily calories and then start lowering them gradually.
  • Clarisse_McClellanClarisse_McClellan Posts: 44Member Member Posts: 44Member Member
    I also suffer from chronic knee pain. The result of a car accident many moons ago. I can't run at all, or do the elliptical. But I can walk. I don't, but I could, lol!

    As giancarlov ^ said, you're going to have to start keeping track of your food. I'm losing weight slowly but surely just by cutting 250 calories a day (half a pound a week). I have much better results when I'm exercising in addition to that, but I'm in a bit of a weird place, health-wise, and I tend to exhaust myself with just walking. My hormones are all messed up, too, and I'm trying to sort them out. Long story, but it has to do with that car accident. I do want to and plan to start working out again, so I'm hoping my latest attempt at getting my adrenals up to speed will work out for me.

    If you think you could use a weight-loss pal, feel free to add me.
  • livefreely12livefreely12 Posts: 71Member Member Posts: 71Member Member
    Huge congrats on making some changes in your life, and it does sound like you're doing great with your surgery recovery. I agree with everyone else! Do what you can at the gym without re-injuring your knee, and concentrate on logging all of your food. Hefe doesn't have control over that! :)
  • beauteeousness_365beauteeousness_365 Posts: 14Member Member Posts: 14Member Member
    Thank you. I hate counting calories to be honest with you lol I don’t even like to say diet I always say cutting back. My problem isn’t over eating it’s SWEETS they are the devil and I usually do it in the middle of the night when I wake up because I have a hard time sleeping. My mom told me told me to cut up fruit. It’s almost like a sleep walking issue, but yes I need to start really watching what I eat.
  • Sharod_BeastFitSharod_BeastFit Posts: 52Member, Premium Member Posts: 52Member, Premium Member
    1200 calories a day! Track, track, and track! Burn 2-3x as much a day! But easy on the knee! One day at a time! Stay hydrated as much as possible! And No eating after midnight! Now Lets get it wit the journey! 💪 😁
  • OtherBill23OtherBill23 Posts: 24Member, Premium Member Posts: 24Member, Premium Member
    I can relate to the middle of the night sweet issue. I have been better lately, but it took a while to get out of the habit of eating in the middle of the night. I wish I could say I had a magic bullet but it just took patients and eventually I broke the habit.

    Really inspiring to hear how you stick with it through the knee surgery. Best of luck on your goal and a quick recovery.
  • PiscesIntuitionPiscesIntuition Posts: 1,217Member Member Posts: 1,217Member Member
    Sending you healing vibes!

    Sometimes when you crave sweets (or more food), your body is actually wanting water and/or nutrients. What do you think about taking a multivitamin with your last meal? That way, your body isn’t craving nutrients throughout the night.

    If you’re still finding yourself hungry for sweets, crunch on some ice instead. Sometimes, that’s enough for the brain to say “oh, I’m not hungry anymore.” Herbal tea with a stevia packet (Great Value organic brand less than 1g carb) may suffice as well.

    When you do eat sweets (during the day), sprinkle them with cinnamon. Cinnamon helps lower blood sugar and eventually reduce your cravings for sweets.

    Lastly, if you just can’t resist, have a low calorie “sweet”: watermelon, strawberries, raspberries, small peach, cantaloupe.
  • snickerscharliesnickerscharlie Posts: 8,226Member Member Posts: 8,226Member Member
    1200 calories a day! Track, track, and track! Burn 2-3x as much a day! But easy on the knee! One day at a time! Stay hydrated as much as possible! And No eating after midnight! Now Lets get it wit the journey! 💪 😁

    1200 is the *minimum* amount of calories a woman should be consuming daily to ensure proper nutrition. But not all women need to start at that minimum. Also, MFP is set up so that calories earned through exercise should be at least partially eaten back. Restricting unnecessarily like you are suggesting will result in malnutrition and a host of serious health issues over the long run.

    And eating after midnight counts for the next day's calories, anyways. If doing so fits in someone's overall calorie consumption, there's nothing wrong with it.

    OP: First of all, think of the excess weight you lost ditching your ex. ;)

    Secondly, you've mentioned exercise, but not what you are doing in regards to food intake. If you are not losing weight, it's because you're eating too many calories, even though your exercise is offsetting some of that.

    Here's a chart that should help you figure it out. :)

  • TammyGermillerTammyGermiller Posts: 15Member Member Posts: 15Member Member
    Hi, best wishes on your recovery. Best advice is give yourself time to heal. I used to be a Zumba instructor but my body was destroyed by cancer treatments. I am grateful to be here and healthy but depressed at all I lost. I now go to the pool for cardio pool exercise. I hate it. It’s such a chore. There are a lot of lonely older people ther so it makes me sadder. My fix for this is waterproof headphones and SiriusXM streaming. So now I am hooping in the pool like Zumba. Better. Seeing results. Can you do pool as a way to getting back to what you used to do?
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