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NorthCascadesNorthCascades Posts: 9,202Member Member Posts: 9,202Member Member
I had a 20 mile bike ride and 4 bagels for lunch. Dinner was pasta with pesto sauce and several kinds of vegetables. I'm intending to have oatmeal with fresh raspberries for dessert, but I'm pretty stuffed. Almost 450 g of carbs today. Hit my protein goal too.

I'm still losing weight because I'm in a calorie deficit. The scale confirms this.

All of it was delicious! It's refilling my muscles with the glycogen I've been using. I don't normally take quite as much % of my calories from carbs, but I need to be fast on Sunday.

My point is: don't fear carbs if you don't have a medical need to avoid them.


  • liz0269liz0269 Posts: 140Member Member Posts: 140Member Member
    All hail the carbs.
    <3 <3 <3
  • yirarayirara Posts: 4,193Member Member Posts: 4,193Member Member
    Oh man, I wish a 20-mile bike ride burned enough calories for me to eat 4 bagels and a pasta dinner and still be in a deficit. It must be nice to be a guy! The biggest disappointment I had in losing weight was realizing how sad my calorie burn is now.

    Yeah, this. I'd not chose bagel but a good crusty wholegrain bread with very old, hard gouda, but the same holds true. I'd not give myself more than 1000kcal for a 100km bike ride. Thus 20 miles would be 1/3 = 340ish, likely less. But lets be honest: my bike is light, fast, it's flat here, and it won't take a lot longer than an hour. Actually, I plan to visit a concert in another town in September, and as it will end late and trains back might be a problem way past midnight I consider taking my bike on the train out, and cycling back. It's just 30km.
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  • jessiedawn8400jessiedawn8400 Posts: 37Member, Premium Member Posts: 37Member, Premium Member
    I just did a 50 mile ride over the weekend (spread out over 14 hours - 5.5 total hours on the bike). Carbs were definitely my friend before and during this! I never ride much more than a few miles and didn't realize how many calories this can burn!
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