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How to interpret measurements?

eranrenaeeranrenae Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
Gal pal of mine said I should take my measurements, just so I would actually know what size clothes I should be buying (mostly my bust, because I've been buying ill-fitting bras my entire life). I took my measurements, but now I am caught in thinking "Is this normal? What should they be? Is there a RIGHT set of measurements?"
I know that one of my goals is to shrink my waist and widen my hips, but I'm wondering if, knowing where I'm at now, that's a good idea. I'll drop my measurements below, but the question is really "Are your measurements indicative of you overall health/fitness?"

[my measurements-
bust - 32
waist - 26
hips - 35
I didn't take any arm/thigh measurements because they are points I'm self conscious about and I thought it might upset me.]


  • Teabythesea_Teabythesea_ Posts: 559Member Member Posts: 559Member Member
    There are so many different body shapes and sizes that its impossible for their to be a "right" or one size fits all measurement ratio. If you want to take measurements then that is great, but do it as a means to assess your progress, not compare it to others. I've seen people who have the same or very close measurements as me, but we still look entirely different, it's funny how that works.

    Also, the width of your hips is an anatomical thing, you likely wont be able to change that without having kids.
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