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Went hard for a year and then fell off but here I am!

xxdieharderxxxxdieharderxx Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
Hey what’s up everyone, my name is jay!

I Had a solid meal plan and worked out almost every day for a good year and got super strong and managed to get my body fight percentage to a low preteen 13-15%

Unfortunately I got back into some old habits (alcohol) and my diet went to complete *bleep* stopped hitting the gym and gained like 20lbs in a matter of months, lol.

But here I am! Ready to get back into shape, gain the strength I sadly lost, and get back into hitting macros again.

If you can relate feel free to shine in

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  • VersicolourVersicolour Posts: 5,854Member Member Posts: 5,854Member Member
    Yeah. Me, me, and me some more. This time last year I was 5kg lighter. I haven't stopped logging, but lost the vooma to starve every day to get the results I want. Blegh
  • OtherBill23OtherBill23 Posts: 24Member, Premium Member Posts: 24Member, Premium Member
    Sounds familiar..... Let’s do this
  • Biss0uBiss0u Posts: 5Member Member Posts: 5Member Member
    100%. Fell off the fitness wagon about one year ago. Trying to climb back on now. Kinda holding onto the rails. 😬
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