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Not as sedentary as I thought

maiomaio71maiomaio71 Posts: 93Member Member Posts: 93Member Member
Someone on here recommended a Xiaomi mi band 4 fitness tracker so I thought I'd give it a go. Over the past week or so I've been wearing it, I've averaged 14,000 steps a day. 6,000 (give or take a few hundred) are my intentional walk every evening, but the rest are my normal daily activity. Anyone else been pleasantly surprised with their baseline activity? Obviously my aim is to slowly improve this, but I'm pleased I wasn't quite the sloth I thought I was.


  • Samantharavenclaw84Samantharavenclaw84 Posts: 160Member Member Posts: 160Member Member
    I was really surprised when I first got my fitbit in February. I was hitting 10K by 1 Mon-Fri. Now that school is out They've dropped significantly. So, I'm still a sloth but only in the summer :)
  • maiomaio71maiomaio71 Posts: 93Member Member Posts: 93Member Member
    Wow. 10k each day. That's something to aim for! I'm hoping when we're back at school my step count goes up.
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