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Pre Workout?

jsbow08jsbow08 Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
I’ve been going to the gym regularly now and have tried a few different samples of pre workout from different companies and didn’t like the way they made me feel during my workout (jittery). I would like to find a pre workout to use that will give me a little boost when I need it for my workout. Any suggestions?


  • kimny72kimny72 Member Posts: 15,224 Member Member Posts: 15,224 Member
    I just have a cup of coffee :smile:
  • CahgetsfitCahgetsfit Member Posts: 1,913 Member Member Posts: 1,913 Member
    nothing. if you're eating enough and not totally depleted there isn't really any need for a pre-workout. Have some dark choc and/or pomegranate if you want some pump effects.
  • apullumapullum Member Posts: 4,896 Member Member Posts: 4,896 Member
    It depends on what you mean by a “boost.” For most people, that means either a) caffeine, which you can get from any caffeinated beverage you enjoy, or b) quick energy, which typically means easily digestible carbs, like fruit.
  • sijomialsijomial Member Posts: 16,622 Member Member Posts: 16,622 Member
    Perhaps explain why do you feel the need for a "boost"?
  • MohsenSALAHMohsenSALAH Member Posts: 136 Member Member Posts: 136 Member
    I tried Xtend BCAAs but what i felt it just like waste of money.
    I go for simple carbs before gym like dates and bananas, especially dates
    Full of nutrients, cheap, tasty and simple to digest.
    Try simple Carbohydrates before training u will feel the difference :)
  • TheAssyrianTheAssyrian Member, Premium Posts: 26 Member Member, Premium Posts: 26 Member
    So... I love the Ghost brand. Flavor and mixture is phenomenal. Unless you're going for 2+ hours though... Or early in the morning you might not need pre-workout. I love the stuff and highly recommend it
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