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What is the right weight to start build muscle

ealjalalealjalal Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
Hello everyone

My name is Ekram, I am 33 years old, my weight is 59 and my height is 160.

My concern is, Should I start build muscle with this weight or I have to loss some kilos before.

Please advice ??



  • mmapagsmmapags Member Posts: 8,962 Member Member Posts: 8,962 Member
    You can't start working your muscles at any time. How much or how fast you build muscle depends on your routine and diet. At your weight, you are well within a healthy BMI. You can either eat at maintenance calories or in a slight surplus, like 200 to 300 extra calories per day, and you will build muscle. Especially as an untrained person.

    There is not level of body fat to get down to before you start working on muscle development. The sooner the better. Good luck!
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