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Occasional runner with an unhappy ankle

kathrynhoward84kathrynhoward84 Posts: 135Member Member Posts: 135Member Member
Dear clever internet people: I need you help and advice.
I am a relatively new runner and average 4-10km/week with the odd two-three week period where I don’t run at all.
I have properly fitted shoes, new in January with about 225km on them.
Over the last couple of runs I have noticed that I am getting a discomfort in my left Achilles and lower 1/3 of my calf almost immediately post run. It’s not an issue during the run, just after. It feels really tight and almost “bruised”. Walking down stairs for the first few hours is particularly interesting.

I know the treatment for this is rest, but can anyone suggest some strategies to prevent a recurrence? Or is it just a phase my body is going through and it will eventually go away on its own?


  • dm01234_1dm01234_1 Posts: 31Member Member Posts: 31Member Member
    Not saying you have it, but this may be worth a look for thoughts and ideas on prevention/treatment.

    Be sure to check in on yourself for proper form as well.

    For me it came down to rolling out my calf muscles over many days.
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  • slbbwslbbw Posts: 224Member Member Posts: 224Member Member
    More stretching of the calf muscles and rolling as suggested above. I have had diagnosed tendonitis as well as jest tight achilles and I find rolling the might before a morning run to be the most effective at preventing that pain.
  • kathrynhoward84kathrynhoward84 Posts: 135Member Member Posts: 135Member Member
    Thanks both, I’ll give that a go. Had been sort of doing something similar with my thumb / heel of my hand so 🤞
  • CherimooseCherimoose Posts: 4,953Member Member Posts: 4,953Member Member
    Since it's just one side, try to video yourself running on a treadmill. Place the camera behind you at knee height and look for dissimilarities between left & right. In the mean time, try stretching your left calf hourly for 30 seconds.
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