Modifying my workouts/activity to numbness in one hand and painful wrist on the other side?

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So I've been dealing with what I suspect is pretty bad ulnar nerve problems on my left side since December (finally getting an EMG in 2 weeks). I now also have, for the past 2 months, pretty bad pain in my right wrist if I try and lift something heavy or put my hand flat on the ground (for planks, pushups, etc). I've had an xray but it apparently doesn't show anything wrong. Still, I've resorted to rubbing painkiller gel on my wrist almost daily for the past month because it legit hurts. I have some hypermobility issues in my hands and I'm waiting for a 2nd opinion.

My problem is most of my workouts involve using my arms/hands in some way. I don't do running (too many issues in the past) - apart from swimming (currently it would legit be a stretch to afford the expenses of a membership at the local pool) what can I do?


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    I can’t use my left side wrist much at all. I just avoid exercises that hurt. Physio said to do that and do exercises to help it slowly